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In seedling plants, blossom color varies from white through pure light blue to sky blue.
Foliage of seedlings varies in color from dark green through all shades of blue green to steely blue.
Kids can print illustrations of blue whales and other animals to color or use in school projects.
The basic color scheme is a soft buttery yellow for the cabinets, with periwinkle blue on the cabinet handles.
People can be made to see reddish green and yellowish blue-colors forbidden by theories of color perception.
Bird guides describe the color of the feet as bright blue, but that is totally inadequate.
The different directions of diffusion are color-coded red, green, and blue.
Most people have three types of color photoreceptors--red, green, and blue--which allow them to see the full spectrum of colors.
Every grader of blue books was once a writer of blue books, so it might help to think about the process from that end.
The blue tuna harvesting is beyond any sustainable population recovery level.
Picture a geometric figure that's colored partly red and partly blue.
Rather, the dust grains simply reflect blue light more efficiently than red wavelengths.
Perk up a green salad with juicy-sweet berries and flavorful blue cheese crumbles.
Advanced computer modeling confirms that the world's largest blue diamond boasts an unsavory past.
And it seems that the opening skirmishes are taking place on campuses, over water in little blue bottles.
More elusive forms, dubbed sprites and blue jets, flit above the clouds.
After she dried off, she put on a blue velour robe that was hanging behind the door.
While there are many kinds of blue triplet lilies, few have proper names.
If blue whales above water are only putatively blue, then below the surface they go indisputably turquoise.
And while blue light causes these brain cells to fire, yellow light stops them.
Add to this the almost vertical body, with tail extended in line, and glorious blue legs and feet.
Try your favorite local blue cheese in this tasty risotto.
In this captured moment, out of the limelight, the ballerina is awash in shades of blue.
At the horizon, the blue apparent sun is highest and the red apparent sun is the lowest.
Forget about sapphires, cornflowers or even the sky-nature's finest blue is glacier blue.
Their irises are blue to light gray and their pupils dark red to light gray.
Small clusters of blue flowers from midsummer to frost.
Snow geese are known for their white plumage, but many of them are actually darker, gray-brown birds known as blue geese.
Around stars hotter and bluer than our sun, plants would tend to absorb blue light and could look green to yellow to red.
Individual fish can be distinguished in photos due to differences in the shape of the blue lines around their eyes.
Finely divided foliage and spikelike clusters of blue flowers in early spring, often continuing into summer.
Blueberries don't have to be blue any more than lemonade has to be yellow.
From a cloudless blue sky the resplendent solar disk dazzles the eye.
They fill their blue books with disconnected strings of names and dates.
Blue waters lap around bays shaded by coconut palms.
Take a deep breath and dive down into the world of blue whales.
The blue orchards rarely sting and, because of their solitary nature, do not swarm.
While the generals on both sides deliberated, troops in blue and gray fidgeted.
The idea is that the blue lines help skiers and boarders see the course more effectively.
Blue lasers also endow laser printers with resolutions even better than they have today.
Blue icons show two of his platoons sweeping through the western half of the town.
Colloidal silver, a quack health supplement, has but one genuine benefit: it may turn your skin a pleasant slate blue.
The blue part of the image is an isopod-a small crustacean.
Scholars have less to say on what seems a bolt from the blue.
Blue light is particularly good at helping the body break down bilirubin, which causes the condition.
Dark red indicates the densest road networks, dark blue the sparsest.
Smaller dots emit colors closer to the blue end of the spectrum.
The barn stands at attention, its walls planted in moonlit snow and its peak nosing toward a deep blue sky.
Stuff a few pieces of blue cheese into the cut top of each fig.
They expected to see hot gas funneling from a cool red giant star into a hot, dense blue star.
Through cloudless blue, and round each silver throne.
The sky behind was all spread in translucent blue, with many little white clouds and edges.
Houses are decorated in red, white, and blue for the occasion.
In my experience it has twice the fragrance of blue heliotropes.
Varieties whose leaves are blushed with rose or lavender are especially pretty with blue-flowered violas or lavender stock.
And the lavender isn't the haze of blue the way it was a few months ago.
The engineers have had to join more teams with blue-collar workers.
He notes that if the red laser light used is made redder and the blue laser light made bluer, the gamut increases.
The place is blue-collar and modest but well-kept and welcoming.
Rare electric-blue clouds on the edge of space have been putting on a spectacular light-show this week.
The large blue butterfly depends on an ant species it mimics during its caterpillar phase.
The answer is tiny organisms known as cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae.
To understand how this all comes together, consider the trait for blue eyes.
Solid-state lasers can produce light in the red and blue parts of the spectrum but not the green.
The paint itself glows a faint red when it's put under blue or ultraviolet light.
It's kind of a dark royal blue and isn't too bad for the undergrads.
Central base pairs illustrated schematically in dark blue.
When light pierces the compacted ice, red wavelengths are absorbed, leaving a ghostly blue glow.
The opportunity came about completely out of the blue, as many things are in my life.
Encased in a blue mesh overcoat that surrounds it from base to tip, it looks as though it has put on weight.
In this model the expression of blue eyes is recessive, you need two copies.
Second, the blue spiral angling down to the right is clearly due to perspective.
Inside was the wood coffin, badly deteriorated, covered with remnants of blue beaded cloth.
But lakes and oceans sometimes remain blue even when the sky is gray.
The more precise explanation is that water itself is slightly blue.
The thinnest ozone is blue-violet and the thickest ozone is yellow-green.
Go down several hundred feet into the ocean and the world is dark blue.
Blue is the best, yellow a first runner-up, and red indicates a trip to the office.
Flight controllers dare not send a rocket into a charged blue sky, where the craft might act as a giant, flying lightning rod.
As for the blue whale, no one would know to make it blue.
They can be seen for hundreds of feet as the cable unreels into the deep blue sea to record temperature, salinity, and other data.
Occasional collisions between neutrinos and ice create a particle called a muon that gives off a slight blue light.
In this closeup view, younger terrain on the left is yellower, while older features appear blue.
Human beings see three colors- red, green, and blue.
In addition to its natural beauty, three treasures are said to be hidden beneath its blue water.
Above the wing the sky had deepened to a blue so pure he knew it would bring tears to his eyes if he looked long enough.
Blue areas indicate diminishing light, and yellow areas new light.
Her eyes were filled with rhomboids of white, then blue, then red.
By late afternoon, the sun has slipped behind the enormous high dunes, and blue shadows lap at the water.
Articles with a blue lock are available only to subscribers.
He was wearing a starched button-down shirt and a blue blazer.
Articles with a blue square are available only to subscribers.
Her sleek dark hair was beaded with rain, and under her eyes there were adorable blue shadows.
Pretty much out of the blue, it occurred to him to write a novel.
We know, moreover, that blue-collar workers usually agree to overtime because they want or need the extra money.
It all began on a lavender blue day-the kind of day when anything can happen.
All accounts of this incident agree that the victims' mouths and extremities were blue.
Beside them were battered cobalt blue trucks-the ones used to whisk away prisoners and detainees.
When you've found fame and fortune for having a blue head, it can be tricky to figure out your next career move.
Kim himself is reputed to have a vast collection of foreign movies, some of them blue.
When exposed to blue light, these proteins open membrane channels, letting in sodium and calcium ions.
If there are no explosives present, the baton will look entirely blue.
Simply shining blue light on the proteins erases any data stored in them.
Each cell is lined with either a red, green or blue phosphor, a material that glows when exposed to radiation.
Purple fibers are outside, and blue-green fibers are inside the tumor.
His company's version is dark blue and can blend with ordinary shingles of a similar shade.
In the top image, areas in yellow and red are structurally connected to the area indicated by the blue spot.
Shining blue light on these neurons then causes them to fire.
The blue cylinders facing each other are the imaging magnets.
Gold absorbs blue light and this produces its characteristic yellow colour.
The next day, researchers shone blue light on the animals' hippocampi.
In the flower robot, the platform sits inside the blue wooden flowerpot.
Modulators come in three types: for red, green, and blue.
The blue lines represent neural fibers connecting different parts of the brain.
Other stains disappear faster: coffee stains fade away in two hours, while blue-ink stains disappear in seventeen hours.
As you may already know, when blue crabs grow, their shells do not.

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