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One can you leave alone and one can you cover with a wool blanket.
Don't get too light a blue, too bright a green, or anything suggesting a horse blanket.
The regulation army saddle-blanket is also advised as a protection for the mule's back.
There is meanwhile an overbearing tourism industry that keeps a wet blanket over the spirit of true adventure.
He could stay in the fort, the red blanket casting a red light on everything inside.
Blanket demonization of either party serves no useful purpose.
But that can't go on forever because we'd be left with no blanket at all.
Depression is a spectrum disorder in my belief and therefore one blanket treatment is not adequate.
These one pagers pick and choose information and then lump them together to make blanket statements.
Grabbing a blanket off the bed and using it as protection, you manage to turn the handle and open the door.
Smog cloaks cities, reducing the sky to little more than a blue patch amid a blanket of haze.
It's difficult to make a blanket recommendation when you're tasked with trying to figure a dose out for millions of people.
In the future, you should be more cautious not to make such blanket statements.
Having concluded that there is no afterlife can be as much of a security blanket as wanting to think there is one.
First of all, the blanket statement that organic farming produces lower yields is false.
At the same time, it may have served as an insulating blanket to raise nighttime highs.
Elsewhere real-life signs of global climate change blanket the globe.
They will have the ability to test tritium breeding blanket designs, and possibly fusion-fission hybrids.
Space-time simply doesn't exist where loop lines are absent, any more than a blanket exists between the weave of its threads.
Also, the area around the lake shows no signs of an ejecta blanket.
First, it wants to blanket cities with charging stations that would be installed in public parking lots and other locations.
And we're also seeing an increase of targeted spam instead of blanket spam that hits everybody in a large population.
Cars were stalled, everything had a blanket of ash on it.
Seeing sharia as a blanket solution to modern problems also involves a dangerous measure of forgetfulness.
Thank goodness it's not an electric blanket investigate.
But using that history as an excuse for inaction or blanket bans of online gambling would be a mistake.
It will get a protective blanket and two new instruments are to be fitted.
When defining the poor proved tricky, this was dropped in favour of blanket transfers to any family that applied for them.
Though grim, the news was not the blanket downgrade feared by eurocrats.
Bed, preferably with an electric blanket and piled high with thick duvets, is really the only comfortable place.
He blamed the right in a blanket statement without finding yet any proofs of his accusations.
The downtown skyline is shrouded in a blanket of fog.
Economies can get out from under a blanket of debt in several ways, including through inflation, default or rapid economic growth.
Sitting at his kitchen table in a wheelchair, a blanket rests in his lap.
He spent the weekend in bed under the blanket, the money tucked beneath his arm.
Others have been covered in a favorite blanket or dressed in new clothes.
Try one layer of lightweight clothing, and one lightweight blanket for sleep.
Sitting at his kitchen table in a wheelchair, a blanket rests in his lap.
In a nutshell, sometimes the blanket approach does not work.
The only way to conduct the work was to get above that blinding blanket and look across clear, airless space.
One by one, they transfer the corpses with great care onto a plywood board covered in a green army blanket.
The plug that connects the detachable control switch to the blanket can become loose.
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