Bivouac in a sentence

Example sentences for Bivouac

News media outlets erected a broadcasting bivouac amid the red bricks and river birches at the city's government plaza.
There the bees bivouac while a small percentage of them go searching for new real estate.
His living room has the poised-for-departure air of a boho bivouac.
Much of their climbing was done in winter so they knew how to winter climb, how to survive the cold, how to bivouac in winter.
Let's look at some great additions to any outdoors-geek's arsenal, and some toys to help introduce kids to the art of the bivouac.
He could bivouac upstairs, set out all his toilet articles in the guest bath.
Permits are not required for mountaineering, but climbers on overnight trips must have a backcountry permit to camp or bivouac.
Even on short trips, carry proper gear and food for an unplanned bivouac.
The airport provided bivouac areas for the majority of soldiers and airmen providing security and relief services.
Bivouac usage occurs when the need arises, months of usage vary.
In fact, the squadron recently conducted a bivouac to gauge their effectiveness in such situations.
The records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the town in which the bivouac was located.
Field crews will be prepared for unexpected or extended periods of bivouac.
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