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As all fine pieces of research, this survey too deserves a brief mention of its bibliography for the more enthusiastic readers.
Chapter two, on electronic media, reads like an annotated bibliography.
His report cites 12 sources in its bibliography, all online press reports on open-source software.
Following each report is a bibliography of relevant official and unofficial reports and documents.
My students' annotated bibliography assignments due last week were abysmal.
The bibliography is worth reading in its own right for the wickedly caustic judgments on some of the featured works.
This 31- page booklet contains a selected bibliography.
There is an illuminating glossary of terms, a bibliography and a list of owners of the works shown.
This book is extremely well researched and written in layman's terms, with a complete bibliography dating back to the 1930s.
As soon as the dissertation was in my hands, I flipped first to the bibliography to see which of my works he had cited.
The book's excellent notes and bibliography are a good guide to anyone interested in pursuing the topics covered.
Every sentence is extensively footnoted and the bibliography is almost as long as the article.
Good notes and a bibliography are a guide to the literature that the book aims to tie together.
Part of the application process required annotating the bibliography.
It includes an overview essay, a bibliography, and selected commentary on multiple modals.
In other words, the bibliography and citations can be formatted correctly even if you don't have access to the original records.
There are no index, no bibliography, no reference footnotes.
In a bibliography of the time it is listed as a work of geography.
Before the appearance of the book the student had been left to stumble as he could toward his bibliography.
Most academic work pays him a brief homage, lists his work in the bibliography, and otherwise ignores him.
The bibliography of this is vast and growing faster than ever.
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