Bellicose in a sentence

Example sentences for Bellicose

His words, characteristically, had been strident and bellicose.
The current dispute has excited bellicose passions.
Both countries have stepped up their bellicose rhetoric.
She looks so traditionally feminine that her foul mouth and bellicose nature are amusing surprises.
Throughout our talk I could not escape the impression that at least some of his more bellicose threats were mere acting.
The old gentleman was in a bellicose mood as he reminisced.
Of course such bellicose comments will be noted by other states elsewhere around the world.
Without those restraining institutions firmly in place, empowering the public can mean empowering bellicose nationalists.
Yeah, elect an even more bellicose Southern president and then let's see what .
The North's bellicose behavior, analysts say, reflects a deepening power struggle inside the country.
If he wants to belong to a bellicose and judgmental church, he should perhaps try a different denomination.
But he and other experts insist that humans and their primate cousins are much less bellicose than the public has come to believe.
And that's good, as this bellicose interlude tends to put the remaining episodes of the national art saga into perspective.
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