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He believes a restored park will lift this beleaguered region out of poverty.
Nothing the beleaguered boy does can shake his sister, not even removing himself to the yard.
Heavy rains have beleaguered much of Mexico's south for weeks.
Two beleaguered bluebloods win by a combined score of 66-7.
Tough times are forcing change on Britain's beleaguered pubs.
They emerge as gentlemen, hounded and beleaguered, rather than as traitors.
It was not a complete victory for the beleaguered organization.
You really need to drop this whole beleaguered working-class hero shtick.
Her memoir provides an unsettling commentary on a beleaguered social service system that often fails to help homeless children.
With additional funding, they could even help beleaguered parents by offering after-school care and education.
Birds whorl about the beleaguered beast, perch on its tusks and collide against its thick, wrinkled skin.
The beleaguered world has for the past several years been at the center of the debate about what defines a planet.
Many growers are left feeling alternately beleaguered and persecuted.
Bernie is perpetually aggrieved, embattled, beleaguered.
They may not be numerous, but one cannot help but root for these beleaguered citizens.
If so, that will be quite a turnaround for a promising but beleaguered technology.
It simply means that in times of need, beleaguered bacteria have a vast and longstanding range of defences to draw from.
But, the project leaders warn, there's still a chance than the beleaguered sojourner won't make it.
As they chew away, a chemical in their saliva reacts with airborne substances that are released by the beleaguered plants.
Pity the beleaguered shark, then, which carries more types of these pests than humans do.
Beleaguered health officials have no time, money, or will to devise programs that might better suit their cultures.
Now the beleaguered president may be ready to try something new.
If he sold out tomorrow, he could transform himself from an anxious, beleaguered scapegoat into a millionaire.
Ray's sense of being beleaguered influenced his views on national politics.
It splits scenes between a rundown red-brick university in financial crisis and a beleaguered auto parts factory.
The question is whether their gifts can meet the needs of a beleaguered society.
Because of the severe shortage of priests, the beleaguered yet loyal priest-teacher in a seminary is stretched terribly thin.
One aim of rate cuts will be to help the beleaguered banking sector.
Those with links to beleaguered regimes have particular reason to worry.
Not so fast, say the country's beleaguered managers.
Welfare reform also provides some intellectual succour to the recently beleaguered right.
And the rise in the oil price, as measured in anything other than the beleaguered dollar, has been comparatively trifling.
Critics say that would cripple an already beleaguered economy.
The broadcasts not only rile dictators, but comfort their beleaguered opponents.
There will be little for which that beleaguered company will not be found responsible.
But one site has decided it will take its chances and open itself up to the beleaguered educators.
Many others are of garment workers: pressers and cutters and finishers, muscular and sweaty, beleaguered and dignified.
They have done their best to shake their heads and look amused, if a bit beleaguered.
But the planes were called back before they could come to the aid of the beleaguered ship.
When they returned, they were greeted with destroyed crops, ransacked homes and beleaguered communities.
Reduces abstract ethical concepts into pragmatic, concrete advice for the beleaguered manager.

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May I, composed like them Of Eros and of dust, Beleaguered by the same Negation and despair, Show an affirm... more
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