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Lame, bees in his brain, two teeth shy of total gum he bites the air.
Flowers feed bees, and industries feed other industries.
These worker bees keep the development hive buzzing with high-volume activity.
With bees in our hair, with an escort of expiring swans.
We simply do not know, for example, how eusocial versus solitary bees compare in their individuality.
The experience at my university is that the moonlighters leave that scut work to the worker bees.
According to the author, bees and other contests are proliferating by the year, and participation in each one continues to rise.
He who makes himself honey will be eaten by the bees.
Some think the fleur-de-lis to have been first taken from some ill-shaped half figures of bees on old royal ornaments.
And hear the forest's summer hush or the low hum of bees.
As the bees find no more flowers, the production of honey is stopped.
Bees could be trained, through altered feeding habits, to swarm a vehicle packed with dynamite.
But now patches might help out when it comes to the birds and the bees--especially the birds.
One might refer to the multi-national crews of the space shuttles and station as worker bees in an orbiting hive.
Other scents can attract pollinators such as bees to help with reproduction.
Additionally, it was the socializing group who reported being happier than the worker bees.
Village elders observed the flowering of the baobab tree or the flights of bees to tell them when to plant.
And a mathematical formulas prove bumblebees and humming bees can't fly and locomotives can't pull trains.
They were made of beeswax, and the dry, sweetish aroma of the wax recalled the meadows where the bees did their work.
Nothing broke the silence except the buzzing of bees in the distance.
The bees in one container were flavored with soy sauce and the bees in the other container had no flavoring.
In the case of the bucket orchids, its strong scent attracts bees that then slip into its pollen-filled bucket.
We did a post on how to build a bee box for solitary nesting bees earlier this week.
Honey bees get all the press, but they don't do all the work.
Most lavenders dry beautifully for bouquets and attract bees and butterflies.
Bees and butterflies loved the space from the start, and now that plants are maturing, birds have become regulars as well.
Make it a better one by planting for bees and butterflies, wildlife, and birds.
Perhaps this explains my fascination with capturing bees for this month's photos.
Without a trace, something is causing bees to vanish by the thousands.
Then it's the bees and the bees, not to mention the flies and the wasps and the moths.
When the bees are lost, this vital ecosystem service is lost too, threatening the food base for the entire region.
The decisive moment didn't take place in the main cluster of bees, but out at the boxes, where scouts were building up.
Plants pollinated by fast-moving bees or flies may have spiny pollen that lodges easily between the insects' hairs.
Scientists are using transmitters the size of three or four grains of rice, powered by a tiny hearing-aid battery, to track bees.
Honey bees are also killed by the capsaicin in pepper spray.
To create vehicles that won't be blown off course by a light breeze, engineers may end up studying the birds and even the bees.
The newly discovered active ingredient in royal jelly, noble food of queen bees.
Spellers may not compete in more than three national spelling bees.
Ants, bees and wasps form complex communities but do not seem to rely on facial characteristics for their communication.
Some have suggested bomb-sniffing bees as a further step.
Even though birds sing and bees dance, nothing in nature matches a human's richly complicated system of vocal communication.
At the same time, the fiscal burden on the diminishing number of worker-bees will rise as more people turn into pensioner drones.
In nature, drone bees are poor, useless things that produce no honey and have no sting.
He once suggested that bees are ideally adapted for interplanetary life.
It continues to flower after being knocked over by a lorry or burned by humans trying to smoke out bees.
The same bees that my grandfather taught me to keep safe.
Three minutes later, the bees started buzzing around.
They're sweetened with honey, because bees live in trees.
The bees sit comfortable in their dark houses with the light of summer warming them from their honeycombs.
At a slightly higher level, bees and ants demonstrate this phenomena.
When this bees' nest goes to trial, the circus will return to town.
It has its own life-but so do the snakes and birds and bees and lizards and termites that live in it and on it and off it.
At the farmer's market, there are mounds of softening peaches on the wooden tables-covered in perhaps less welcome mounds of bees.
They might keep bees in their backyard or a chicken in the living room.
In their own worlds, these directors were alpha males and queen bees with strong opinions and a forthright manner.
The garden marks its hundredth anniversary with a celebration of those master pollinators, bees.
With a few notable exceptions, such as bees and silkworms, we've never figured out how to control them.
Nearby, a wall of stacked monitors features more bees, this time crawling languidly over marigolds.
Honey bees do a little movement called the waggle dance to alert each other to new food sources.
Bees in a garden make a specialty of honey and so does honey.
The one that always confounds me is vegans not eating honey, but happy to eat produce pollinated by captive bees.
City-dwelling bees give honey a sense of place-and fuller flavor, thanks to the diversity of nearby plants.
Travel bees everywhere, it seems, are gathering nectar and bringing it back to the hive.
We don't give bees much thought unless they're terrorizing us at a picnic, but they're exquisitely complex creatures.
When bees disappear many food crops could also die off.
But the moment your instructions arrived and your task began, the bees would freeze and the network would fall silent.
Bees belong to an ancient species that has continually adapted to the many challenges posed by the environment.
Piles of dead bees are an indication that the incident is not colony collapse disorder.
There, too, the bees were better than honey bees as outdoor pollinators of sunflowers.
Nurse bees feed brood food to the larva within minutes of hatching.
Simple steps can bolster native bees and hedge our bets against honey bee declines.
Some bees are specialists that only pollinate certain plants.
She stood unfazed as a swarm of busy bees buzzed all around her.
The social bees, both honey and bumble, have a distinctive set that consists of surprisingly few species.
The bees continued to sting him every time he came up to breathe.
Bees have amazingly complicated social structures and behaviors, and are critical for a lot of agriculture.
Bees with their left eye covered learned almost as quickly as did bees without a patch.
But bees with their right eye covered did far worse.
The razor blade mimics a vibrating wing, and the plastic sleeve delivers scented sugar water to the bees.
Other animals, from birds to bees, make choices in the same way.
The air is full of sweat bees, lapping up precious moisture from exposed skin.
Bees flew through the weedy yard and past the chain-link fence.
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