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No day at the beach is complete without spending some time in the water.
But you might want to migrate your entire body to high ground that day if you have a house on the beach.
One of our favorite techniques for handling those last ten days before school starts is to go on a short beach vacation.
There are snow cams for office-bound skiers and surf cams for stay-at-home beach bums.
Lying on a beach isn't relaxing if there is a crowd of people surrounding you.
Finding space for outdoor living and entertaining is always a challenge on tiny beach lots.
There are plenty of lurking dangers under the beautiful waves of the beach.
Beach season is upon us, which means that lists of summer beach reading have begun to appear.
These light and dark ripples at the beach are caused by darker, heavier grains settling together, often at crests.
But you are still driving large vehicles back and forth over the beach.
Imagine a beach crowded with vacationers enjoying the hot summer sun.
The atmosphere on the beach was majestic and simply cannot be described in words.
So the boss has to stay in touch even from the beach.
The cows and their owners are on a barren piece of land, surrounded by ruins, close to the beach which is strewn with rubbish.
Months afterwards her dismembered corpse was recovered from a beach cave.
There is only a matter of whether one wants to look at a platform from their beach house or at a pump jack from their ski condo.
Choose any scene you want, such as a quiet afternoon walk on a beach.
But what is true is that canvas umbrellas at the beach would do a pretty good job doing their actual job blocking the sun.
Within a minute of this shot, the storm unleashed its fury on the beach.
Their metallic blue stains the rusty iron on the beach.
Any dynamic library collection is battered in the line of duty by chewing dogs, falling rain, and trips to the beach.
These are people who raced hot rods to the beach, lying to their parents about where they were staying.
The sound you hear as you walk up the beach toward the dig is the clinking of hammers on chisels.
Fine snorkeling can be had right off the beach, and a boardwalk wends its way through the mangrove swamps.
Even the mud on the beach was different from today's beach mud.
Or, even better, the traders should calm down and also head for the beach.
Some of them remain stationary, such as the diamond-shaped patterns sometimes seen on a dry beach.
Potential homes range from holes drilled by woodpeckers to empty shells on the beach.
They found a series of alternating ridges and troughs thought to be surviving remnants of beach deposits along a broad delta.
Cast your view back to a distant wall, and instantly the afterimage appears beach-ball-sized.
Think twice the next time you pick up a rock at the beach and stick it in your pocket as a souvenir.
On the edge of the beach, children dance nimbly from one bobbing ice floe to the next, laughing and daring one another.
We'd get carnitas by the pound and take it to the beach-it's an incredible lunch.
It resembles a large beach pebble and is a thoroughly handsome addition to salads.
The beach still bears its royal name, and the waves still roll in impressively.
As if abandoned on a winter beach, gathering snow, the benches and deck are blanketed with pale sediment.
Low-lying, thin stretches of beach are especially susceptible to destruction.
What some notables are stacking on their beach blankets this year.
The light is northern, the sky a thunderous gray, the beach is the color and texture of coffee grounds.
Good beach photos often include silky-looking waves, a trick achieved through slow shutter speeds.
One of a boat and a beach called up ads for sailing holidays and boat shoes.
We pay the price every time it rains and washes that garbage down to the beach.
If your vacation plans for next year include a crowded beach and a mobbed golf course, you may want to reconsider.
We live near the beach, where they go to play fetch and swim.
Here they live in a one-bedroom condo they bought a few years ago, nothing fancy but right on the beach.
He showed them the strange imprints and tried tricking them into believing that an odd creature had been on the beach.
He is then struck by a vision of misery: on the beach, a white horse covered with sores is swaying, about to die.
At the beach, build the biggest sandcastle anyone's ever seen.
Afterwards, he drove to the beach and then had a few drinks at a bar before going to a movie.
The latest advance comes from a material at the beach.
On the rare times when he vacationed in the tropics, he always wore waterproof beach shoes.
The motorboat pulled away from the beach not long after dawn.
Think about that the next time you're playing at a beach this summer.
They build up energy on approaching the shallow beach while impact waves likely dissipate in energy as they leave the explosion.
But there will be no walks on the beach, no dinners out, no fresh air.
There's stuff that will happen, but there's not going to be a lot of pyrotechnics because they won't allow that on the beach.
Select a county from the map below to see beach information for that county.
Its tranquil breeze-swept beach is a haven for families who enjoy its warm, safe waters and beautiful waterside views.
But these days fashion is walking right off the runway and onto the beach.
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