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As anyone who has walked into a smoky bar can tell you, alcohol and smoking often go hand in hand.
Frying the little suckers might take away some of the nutritional value, but this might still be better than a candy bar.
Bar soap is a convenient option for the bathroom, but when a bar gets to be too small, it becomes unwieldy and inconvenient.
When you figure a candy bar would have cost them a weeks wages, you can understand why.
Next to the health bar at the bottom of the screen is a new hunger bar.
Small decisions such as whether to use liquid or bar soap can have a big impact on your environmental footprint.
Law would bar insurers and employers from discriminating based on genetic testing.
Participants in bar fights, domestic disputes and traffic accidents may not appreciate your attempts to mediate.
Lines at the grocery store might become as obsolete as milkmen, if a new tag that seeks to replace bar codes becomes commonplace.
The consumer then scans the bar code on a product with the camera in their smartphone.
Ask students to explain how the bar graphs help them understand the population statistics.
Outdoor chefs need a place to put their tools, and bartenders must have a bar.
Adult shops will soon allow customers to watch video clips simply by snapping a picture of the bar code on the box.
Visitors can sample them all at the studio's wine bar.
And you can't keep coming up with new cool things to give back to your bar.
You'd never hold that up to your ear, but this little bar would be ideal.
Each segment in the scale bar at the bottom represents one centimeter.
In some of the trials, a bar on the screen tracked their progress and got brighter as the animals approached the reward.
No significant differences between bar or liquid for the soaps.
Its wide streets were dotted with churches, and there wasn't a bar in the whole temperate town.
And there was a bar chart about what times of day the hits occurred.
Two people were murdered over a spilled drink in a bar.
Offer spinach salad laced with ribbons of raw pumpkin and a bruschetta bar with a trio of savory toppings on crisp toasts.
Make sure you get the bar code, if for some reason you want it back.
Imagine, he says, that you are having a drink at an airport bar waiting to catch your flight.
Long notched or square-tipped tail and long pointed wings with broad white wing bar.
Nothing makes people happier than an ice cream float bar on a hot day.
Not, you understand, that they would turn up their noses at a bar or two.
He claimed that this minimized contact with the bar and kept his drink cold.
Bar a burst of stone-throwing, the polls have been calm.
During the hurricane, the one-story bar was swamped by the tidal surge.
The magnetic trap can hold onto particles that have magnetic properties similar to those of a tiny bar magnet.
Apple has had the tablet field to itself for a year, allowing it to refine its offering and raise the bar for rivals.
People would nag their friends to come to the same bar or shop.
Bar scale is best to use when enlarging or reducing the size of a map, since the scale size will change with the map size.
Bar kids, significant others, and pets from the room and close the door.
Shade this bar on the pyramid and repeat for females, using a different color.
Most public-sector workers in the east have not been paid for a month, bar a one-off loan.
But he is taking the bar for the first time this year.
The tail has a terminal dark bar, with the outer feathers externally edged at the base with white.
It was as perfect a piece of oratory as ever was heard from pulpit or bar.
The aim is to reward an achievement in fiction, and the bar is set high.
While he was tamping down one of the charges with an iron bar, it went off prematurely, driving the bar clean through his head.
In any democracy, this would be hugely problematic-so the bar for such a decision should be set exceptionally high.
The patent bar is a priesthood with its own secret dialect, intelligible only to initiates.
That's because each key had a bar, parallel to bars from other keys, going into the innards of the typewriter.
Officials of some of the five that did said they might no longer meet the bar in the future as a result of state budget cuts.
Three weeks later, the same fellow walks back into the same bar, again with a bucket of manure and his shotgun.
The technology behind this idea is a program that ties the information to a bar code.
Most university towns will have a restaurant or bar where the grad students go.
The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey in nine days.
My goal was to make one good shot, not shoot a million photos all over the bar.
The sports bar hosts tailgate parties outside in the parking lot and patio during football season.
The sushi bar at the back of the cozy restaurant often fills with locals who crave pristine sushi without any gimmicks.
For a police department facing a volatile situation, the bar graphs imposed some semblance of order.
So a guy walks into a bar, asks the bartender for a drink.
Those who insisted that language is unique to humans, however, simply raised the bar on what counted as language.
For those of us lucky enough to eavesdrop, it's instructive as well-part caveat emptor, part intellectual high bar.
Authorities dispatched two plainclothes officers to linger at an airport bar.
In our view, however, this does not bar the consideration in public debate of thoughtful arguments whatever their source.
To accomplish this, the subject puts his forehead and temples into a kind of u-shaped iron bar, which grips them firmly.
Computer software improves the efficiency of the process by bar-coding individual boxes and preplanning the loading sequence.
He would be able to seek judicial intervention only to bar the use of torture.
The natural sweetener in your soft drink or chocolate bar could soon come from an unlikely source: potatoes.
The threads are faster to read and more durable than the bar codes and radio chips now used for identification.
The device is an infrared reader: push a button, and a laser beam reads the bar code of the targeted item.
Etched optical bar codes into micrometer-size pieces of silicon.
It has a history bar in which it records every url you access by date.
It is certainly the only one that keeps a basket of yarmulkes on the bar.
They shower repeatedly, sometimes using a whole bar of soap in one go.
Opened a shop a few years back and part of it included an espresso bar.
Once it's open and you see our lovely blue planet, go to the top where there is a menu bar of icons.
Endeavour is the long fuzzy bump on the top of the horizontal bar on the upper right going between the two sets of solar panels.
After her talk and a late evening of socializing with attendees at the bar, she got on an elevator to go to her room.
The highest-risk part of this business, bar none, is searching for reservoirs.
Also, this does move the bar in terms of where privacy and anonymity begins and identification ends.
The ever-popular wine bar poses something of a categorical conundrum.
On a cold night, the bar is deliciously snug, and it's accordingly packed.
Above the bar, movies play soundlessly on a wall-mounted television, lending the place a roadhouse feel.
He spent the entire day at the movies and then went back to the bar.
One of his band members stumbled into a downtown bar and asked if they could play a show.
What you need is refreshment, a trip to the sonic snack bar.
While there are bartenders behind the bar, there are bottles available to anyone wanting to pour his own drinks.
At that time, the show's formerly low bar seemed on the ascent, not in the precipitous decline we've since witnessed.
Your ticket has a bar code, so you can claim lost property.
The downstairs bar is a great place to warm up before the show.
Surely not bar owners who want to sell them as many drinks as possible.
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