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Most of us have no idea what it costs to stand up for workplace democracy in this brave new banana republic.
The same goes for workers on the big banana plantations.
But a new study shows that banana peels can remove metal contamination from river water.
Banana trees have these tightly coiled leaves coming up, and then the banana flowers lean down over that.
Through it all, a banana watches, mocking everyone around it as complete fools.
The banana provided icy, sweet body, the yogurt creamy tartness and the milk enough liquidity to make the whole thing drinkable.
Even in a banana republic there are sufficient regulations to ensure that bank operation is safe.
He was especially slow about eating a piece of banana he would savor it for the longest time.
At top right are baskets with carrying straps, with banana leaves used as covers.
Firms are investigating plants such as bamboo, seaweed, nettles and banana stalks as raw materials for textiles.
For example, the banana slug is thought to favor mushrooms.
For example, the sequentially ripening banana bunch.
Only an occasional banana grove or superannuated rubber plantation offers a spot of variety.
So forget the chips-a banana is a safer snack for your health.
Few have ever seen a traffic jam, or tasted a banana.
The banana is naturally short and fat and filled with visible seeds.
Since then, however, the country has come to resemble an old-fashioned banana republic.
Palmettos and banana trees tropicalize interior courtyard.
If evolution is true, then you must claim common ancestry with the banana and fruit fly as well.
Serve with white rice, manioc flour and carrots slices toasted in butter, and fried breaded banana.
Vendors shaved sticks with hacksaws and wrapped the shavings in paper or banana leaves to sell.
And when it rained, he simply tore off a few large banana leaves to cover his head.
It was: the chocolate banana pudding beat all my grandmotherly versions by a landslide.
Discarded banana peels evidence his growing sophistication.
Out went banana, cherry and wintergreen and in came bright blue raspberry, lemon and green apple.
The body parts, he says, were individually wrapped in banana leaves and distributed among the clan members.
On good days, he might find a banana or an onion, too.
Refreshed and healed by that good banana nutrition, the monkey heads off.
Check out the banana-shaped keyboard dangling from the body armor.
He even bets the film crew that he can give a sermon about a banana-bread recipe and no one will question him.
With no firewood at hand, villagers are forced to dig up banana rootstalks to use as cooking fuel.
There is a large banana plantation that provides jobs, a fresh-water-fishing industry and plenty of commerce.
Meandering recently through a suburban fair, he chatted easily with voters near giant banana dolls.
Banana republics are not given that name for nothing.
Politically and socially it is but a third-world banana republic.
But here it's rather bluntly politically biased, and to me it's as useful as correlating life expectancy to banana imports.
Otherwise, we're headed for full banana-republic status.
Beat until the banana is incorporated and the mixture is smooth.
Diced mango or shredded coconut would not be objectionable, nor would a chutney or tart apple or sliced banana or yellow raisins.
But it's still a banana peel, and a pratfall is a pratfall.
Banana peels are discarded to be slipped upon, streets are freshly tarred to be stuck in.
His banana-leaf show invitation morphed into sugary pastel jacquards and bold stretch jersey prints on the runway.
Dip strawberries, slices of banana and apple wedges in the chocolate.
And probably half who remain are thinking of switching to raising fish or even banana trees.
His family's sprawling block house stood in a quiet field of mango and banana trees.
Top with a layer of fresh banana slices and sprinkle a thin layer of sugar on top.
Rather, it's filled with vaguely banana-shaped plasma structures known as coronal loops.
The island's other main crops, banana and breadfruit, are less abundant or seasonal and outside supplies are far off.
It finally seemed the quintessential banana republic was getting its act together.
Areas of the country where banana is the main staple experience less famine.
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