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These could be sprayed out of special aircraft-borne injectors, or produced by burning high-sulphur aviation fuel.
Given the slowdown in the commercial-aviation business, the idleness of some sections of the huge aircraft factory is no surprise.
Icon aircraft has made aviation history before even finishing the final design of its first airplane.
Civil aviation security exists to prevent criminal activity on aircraft and in airports.
The aeroplane parachute has arrived, and the new life-saving attachment is attracting considerable attention in aviation circles.
Cut a bachelor's-degree program in aviation and flight operations.
For the next ten years, aviation was the cutting edge.
He didn't see combat, but aviation continued to fascinate him after he returned to college.
Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz in the aviation industry over the use of alternative fuels.
Aviation is a relatively small source of the emissions blamed for global warming, but its share is growing the fastest.
The distance between people and cultures grew ever smaller as aviation proved to be a true engine of globalization.
First, the aviation agencies should collect more complete data on aerial wireless-interference incidents.
Even if you're not an aviation geek, that building alone will make you breathless.
The overall volume of emissions is comparable with that from aviation.
Twenty-first century aviation is an exercise in sensory deprivation.
To illustrate, let us consider the aviation history.
Then jet aviation became commercial, television became universal, and computers began to be widely used.
Natural gas can help fill the gap until biofuels are available for trucks, aviation and marine.
Bird strikes have been a hazard since the dawn of aviation.
There are people who are still afraid to fly even though commercial aviation accidents rarely happen.
It's a remarkable accomplishment, one that shows electric aviation is following a path trod by the earliest aviators.
Something will need to be invented for future aviation needs once all of the petroleum is used up.
Industries affecting public safety, such as medicine and aviation are highly regulated.
The blog focuses on science of the twentieth century and beyond, aviation and space exploration, and writing collaboratively.
It always amazes me how technology and medical advancements blossom during war, aviation being a prime example.
It was the highest-grossing film of the year, and helped inspire an entire genre of movies about aviation.
He has served his country and given his blood, sweat, and tears to the history of aviation.
Despite voters' anger, the government has always come down on the aviation industry's side.
But for anything much bigger, the energy density of aviation fuel still looks to be unbeatable.
Such arguments aside, aviation safety is one of the main reasons why plans to build wind farms are held up.
In aviation, stall means that there isn't enough air flowing over the top surface of the wing.
The jet's fuselage and wings are made entirely of composite materials, a first in commercial aviation.
Another option would be creating a synthetic high performance aviation fuel.
The lack of answers has not stopped aviation-security programs from moving forwards with deception detection.
Aviation and agriculture seem as distant as two professions can be.
It won't become viable, he says, until the cost of jet fuel becomes so prohibitive the aviation industry embraces an alternative.
And the aviation world is abuzz with what he's been saying lately.
The two ventures illustrate the companies' opposing views of the future of commercial aviation, experts say.
Also covered is aviation history, from gliders to the space shuttle.
He viewed his father's career in aviation dismissively, as a less manly pursuit than foot-soldiering.
However, the hazard of bird strikes have been known almost as long as the history of aviation.
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