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Avalanche rescue beacons have become standard equipment for many skiers and snowmobilers who go into wilderness areas.
He also thought the paper would provoke some reaction, though the avalanche of interest has overwhelmed him.
To set off an electronic avalanche is relatively easy.
Before the unprepared system monitors could react, an avalanche was in motion.
In doing so, they triggered an avalanche of news-media coverage and a fierce backlash.
Create an avalanche from the safety of your computer.
These electrons collide with molecules and free other electrons creating an electron avalanche.
But not before the avalanche of other evidence of the public's declining confidence in higher education.
His calls for reform in the way political life is conducted are crushed in an avalanche of insults.
Create your own avalanche from the safety of your computer.
Multi-year contracts would have the unintended consequences of financially driven ageism and an avalanche of litigation.
Anyone who has slalomed through the avalanche of specialist tomes on the crisis will recognise many of his sources.
We set up our tent a hundred meters above the avalanche site.
It no longer teeters, threatening to avalanche at the slightest touch.
Head teachers, worn down by constant official policy changes and an avalanche of paperwork, are retiring early.
Have students work in pairs to find the entry for avalanche in a dictionary.
The problem is that is a slippery slope or a mounting avalanche.
Learn the warning signs of an avalanche before it's triggered.
Here come another avalanche of bull, now that you want to get personal.
The usual response to difficult questions of this sort is an avalanche of personal opinions.
The incoming avalanche of data created a fresh set of challenges.
We stay above the river, crossing avalanche scree and frozen marshes on numbing feet.
All around him the slopes groaned with avalanche danger.
However, the unfavorable weather and huge base of snow meant the avalanche risk was too high to try.
He was the voice that started the avalanche that was bound to come sooner or later.
It's being buried under the avalanche of always-new events.
Both historians were quickly buried under an avalanche of criticism.
They are a troupe of mimes and juggling clowns marching down a hill to distract local villagers from an unstoppable avalanche.
Cathy, no snowflake considers itself responsible for the avalanche.
It's the same process- an avalanche of electrons temporarily hijacking some human body part in order to complete a circuit.
Ask humbly and you'll be buried under an avalanche of evidence.
The contrary comments are destined to be lost under the avalanche of evidence presented.
Housing prices don't go into a free fall, depressed by an avalanche of foreclosures.
Clearly there has been an avalanche of criticism from certain quarters, that is undisputable.
She was also the one who managed to pay the avalanche of bills that kept arriving in the mail.
But once you start turning over rocks and reaching out to help people, there's a whole avalanche coming right behind it.
Nothing, it seemed, could stop the avalanche of horrific developments.
The avalanche apparently was caused by the melting of snow high in the mountains.
Be cautious of avalanche dangers throughout mountain country.
Avalanche movement was from lower left to upper right.
Most of the rock fragments in the avalanche deposits are light-gray to dark-reddish-brown andesite.
Avalanche conditions can change daily or even hourly during snow season.
Sketch of a typical debris avalanche scar and track.

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