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Part of the point of automation is to protect the mistake-prone from themselves.
Make migrant work more expensive and there will be more automation applied and less migrant workers.
But the automation required for this was far beyond our capabilities.
Now home automation is coming to a subdivision near you.
Automation at the cashier booth is taking some new twists of late.
These processes often have to be done by hand, because production volumes in small firms are too low for automation.
The trick, of course, would be doing this hundreds or thousands of times a day without the automation breaking down.
Having the on-off switch in software has another advantage, too: automation.
Automation never worked for incoming flights, whose baggage has been moved by handlers from the beginning.
To completely avoid automation problems you need to have no automation, or full automation.
Get ready for always-on home automation and streaming media.
The choices have to do not only with budget but with ease of operation, degree of automation and quality and consistency.
But automation on the scale it is talking about would surely mean some of those human workers losing their jobs.
How automation and other technical advances may worsen safety risks, not reduce them.
Increasing automation makes it possible to run the tube with fewer staff.
However, although such systems work well enough for voice conversations, the rise of automation in mines calls for something more.
Most wrote about new gizmos and gadgets, more entertainment, and more automation.
It comes from continuous automation and improvements in productivity.
We can learn a lot from this factory automation equipment company.
The problem of information leakage has been tempered somewhat by automation in dark pools.
Automation can achieve so much in so many areas of work that managers are tempted to think they can automate everything.
Others will avoid the need for workers by spending money on machinery and automation.
The thought of so many manual laborers losing their jobs to automation and machines would probably have terrified her.
By artificially raising the price of labor, factories and companies are encouraged to invest in machinery and automation.
Most industries can be made more efficient with automation and technology.
Hopefully automation can bear the brunt of productivity.
Some propose ultra-deep mining could be done mechanically, with robots or by automation.
But in an old, familiar story, automation and outsourcing dried up the demand for labor and diminished wages.
However, this seems likely to slow as automation and offshoring advance and become bigger players in the future.
The problems of inflation and automation are only two examples.
The gamers demonstrated what the researchers had speculated: that intuition can indeed trump scientific automation.
The number of deaths tends to decline a bit each year, but that is in part because automation keeps reducing the number of miners.
Nor did office and factory automation wait for the computer age.
Automation, far from halting this trend, has accelerated it.
Technological optimists sold the world on automation by telling people it would create unimaginable amounts of leisure for them.
It's not so much the automation of the cart that's chilling, but the set of flaming, disembodied legs that propel the thing.
Automation had nothing to do with that scandal, but without automation, the story never could have been uncovered.
Although there are several steps involved in the process, it is amenable to automation by a food manufacturer.
With the right commitment, companies can build production facilities with the right level of automation.
With the widespread electronic automation, mobile phones are loaded with many new features.
It is dependent on automation and on sensitive technology.
The article mentions that automation has limited potential on the near term, because of the need for real-time human intervention.
And as a result of increased automation over the last few years, labor costs are going down.
Finally, increased use of automation will allow more motorists to share the roads.
In many cases, the business prefers to live with manual management when they see the costs to build automation.
Now, with automation, it wouldn't be a lot of jobs but there would be quite a few.
Having personalized alerts beamed to your handheld device might seem the ultimate in weather awareness automation.
With the cost of technology constantly falling, railroads may be poised for another round of automation.
The company has developed an innovative automation system that increased business so much it was able to double its workforce.
Even the famous open-outcry trading pits have been largely shut down due to automation in the name of efficiency and speed.
In addition, you will contribute to the automation of procedures.
More valuable than the reduced headcount, though, was the data which the automation produced.
Automation, which reduces labour costs, will be essential to compensate for declining volumes.
Nor are the gains the result of automation or computers, per se.
What's the point of bringing manufacturing back to this country when automation has changed things forever.
Automation, he realized, would be crucial to bringing down the cost of using fiber.
But he was smart enough to realize that there was another possible route to carving out free time: automation.
The automation was a cold crossfade that never changed.
Many people think of automation as laborsaving technology.
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