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My attempt at humor had a small audience: fellow grad students in the rhetoric-and-composition program.
As long as you can do a jumping jack, you can participate in this record attempt.
The colorful lobby paintings make no attempt at accuracy.
When you attempt to retreat to your towel, you find it has blown away.
Faculty members and students say government reforms are an attempt to exert more control over higher education.
It is unlawful to intentionally snag or attempt to snag any fish in fresh water.
The agency did not interpret the findings or make any attempt to identify the source of the pollution.
There was little attempt at scientific accuracy in the set.
But this was his first attempt to use it throughout the garden in place of wood or other materials.
Another attempt at the prize ended in a crash before the airplane was even able to get airborne.
Moreover, any attempt to apply the principles of auditing beyond the auspices of the church is by definition squirreling.
The threat of relapse hangs over any attempt to kick a heroin addiction.
Kirk's dedicated attempt to keep those furry monsters off our sunflowers.
At that critical juncture, the third launch attempt had failed.
In using it you attempt to recall painful memories until they no longer cause you discomfort.
Here is my best attempt at simplifying the process for growing morels.
Now that you've diagnosed the problem, it's time to attempt a fix.
In an attempt to lower costs, some of them are using fresh air to help maintain optimum t.
Mixing the gooey stuff with food stopped working after the first attempt.
They simply overwhelm servers with web requests, in an attempt to make a site inaccessible to real users.
After establishing relationships, you will note that they tend to attempt to create social hierarchies.
Instead of a half-hearted attempt to disguise all that equipment, he created a focal point.
In an attempt to maintain the accuracy of its index, the search engine severs a domain to remove the abusers.
Any attempt to picture what is happening in the infected cell must necessarily therefore be provisional and oversimplified.
While that's hardly unusual in academe, what is unusual is that it was my fourth attempt.
The bad one could attempt to stay together or breakup.
Artists' journals can be an art form unto themselves, a taxonomy of days that attempt to capture the random rush of creativity.
She turned back from a second attempt several days later with cerebral edema.
In its attempt to draw crowds, the museum didn't underestimate the footwear's appeal.
Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves.
But neither met regularly nor made much attempt to work with the other.
The defense, an attempt at legal trickery remarkable even for a lawyer, failed.
Do not attempt to up-sell or cross-sell until you have fulfilled the first order.
Under a reverse stock split, a company reduces the number of outstanding shares in an attempt to boost its market value.
The crackdown is the latest attempt to calm worries about violent crime.
But one company's attempt to dip its toes into free-market climate solutions appears to be headed for a high-seas standoff.
In the face of contradictory paths, our minds attempt to restore internal peace.
The females are more inclined to end the mating dance before spawning has occurred, requiring a second or third attempt.
The test is certain to be followed by scores of others that attempt to better match drug to patient.
Any attempt at remediation doesn't spark any interest.
It is unwise for people to attempt to negotiate on their own behalf.
They sell franchises and those franchisees then attempt to sell shares in mythical solar farms.
What boggled my mind more than the attempt was the venue.
They believe that birth is inherently safe and highly spiritual and that any attempt to make it safer is actually dangerous.
On point: the government feels their hold on power slipping away over time, and this is one attempt to hold on to it.
It was not the first attempt to repair a once solid link.
Five percent of students reported that they had made a suicide attempt.
It's not always an attempt to pad the page length.
Don't focus so much on the content, but attempt to discern how the story is organized.
Most of us attempt to be funny on the phone with a friend, over the dinner table, or in the hallway at work.
It is important to attempt to find solutions to the threat of nuclear terrorism.
But more succeeded on their second or third attempt.
Many advertisers seem never to have thought of this, and make no attempt at such descriptions.
How an attempt to build an online encyclopedia touched off history's biggest experiment in collaborative knowledge.
He had the bar code tattooed over it in an attempt to hide it.
The attempt to understand why is not the same as the attempt to excuse.
With these caveats in mind, here's a review of each candidate's attempt to meet the moment.
But the law went much further in an obvious attempt to weaken unions by making it harder for them to collect dues and organize.
The high hopes for this newfangled idea still resonate in the one piece of mail known to exist from that day's attempt.
Fearing that she might indeed attempt suicide, the aide gathered up all the firearms in the vicinity.
Their recipe, too, is an attempt at communicating the group's social and spiritual ideals through the medium of food.
In an attempt to codify, and with a small sampling, the tendency is to oversimplify what is uncertain and astoundingly complex.
It is my attempt to try and make sense of this universe.
His latest work is an ambitious attempt to understand the origins, history-and perhaps the future-of human violence.
But make no mistake-this ain't some hippy-dippy attempt at selling ice cream.
For convenience, an attempt has been made to show where these rare periodicals may be found.
Yet, this relief was not found at once, nor was the unconscious attempt to supply it at first successful.
Bad writing consists in making the attempt, and failing through lack of practise.
No attempt was made to interfere with the language or with the social and business customs and relations of the citizens.
To attempt to harmonize them in an impossible unity is only to confirm them in their several peculiarities.
To attempt this, is to miss the true aim and lose much of effectiveness in this style of composition.
These things are seen with the naturalist's clear grave eyes and recorded in plain words with no attempt at oracular profundity.
Never let an inexperienced cook attempt a new dish for company, no matter how attractive her description of it may sound.
The exclusive in fashionable life does not see that he excludes himself from enjoyment, in the attempt to appropriate it.
Complexity had extended itself on immense horizons, and arithmetical ratios were useless for any attempt at accuracy.
They attempt to figure out where the storms are going to be from day to day and if they're going to intensify or fade.
Viruses that manage to infect cells are greeted by proteins that attempt to shred them into genetic confetti.
At the approach of trouble, ostriches will lie low and press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible.
Plus, go inside one radical attempt to combat heroin's social costs by supplying it free to addicts.
As pets grow older, stronger and more unpredictable, some owners may attempt to change the animal's natural behavior.
Even the largest specimen would simply retreat into its shell rather than attempt to sample human prey.
T hat afternoon they discussed which of two routes they would attempt the next day.
You're not even worth the attempt to craft a semi-decent story.
He then took out a knife he had concealed and cut himself near his jugular vein, in what some construed as a suicide attempt.
The rows are arrayed in descending order of release date, a mild attempt to present data without weighting.
For that regrettable ignorance the following is a small attempt at a remedy.
Should this newest attempt fail, things will soon get serious.
Residencies attempt to mitigate potential harm through supervision and graduated responsibility.
Any other attempt to explain politics and government is doomed to failure.
They do not attempt the six-inch heels they routinely send down the runway.
But when you attempt to reconstruct it in words, you will find that it breaks into a thousand conflicting impressions.
The planned plug-in hybrid car is at the core of the automaker's attempt to reinvent itself.
The startup isn't the first company to attempt to reduce costs by concentrating sunlight onto smaller solar cells.
It seems to be in large part an attempt to set a builder's own business apart in the housing downturn.
Those services attempt to fill a physiological need, but it does not satisfy intimacy and friendship.
And the problem is likely to grow as more companies attempt to commercialize these therapies.
It's an attempt to cut oil imports, and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
There are several different approaches used today in the attempt to develop retinal prosthetics.
Surgeons would attempt to remove these tumors to alleviate their patients' pain.
Gives support for people recovering from a suicide attempt.
Aids family members in coping with the aftermath of a relative's suicide attempt.
Rather, it would be an attempt to transform the political atmosphere and reformulate the diplomatic process.
Once upon a time popular science was the attempt to explain the achievements of scientists to a broad audience.
During the election campaign, he sought to draw votes away from ultra-nationalists-part of his attempt to obtain a supermajority.
Besides being foolish, such an attempt is quite unnecessary.
One may be tempted to go behind the given and invent something better, to attempt to reenter life at a more advantageous point.
The novel begins, as it should, with a botched suicide attempt.
Evolutionary psychology is the attempt to understand our mental faculties in light of the evolutionary processes that shaped them.
Opponents, however, say it's a camouflaged attempt to cash in on anti-immigrant sentiment for politics' sake.
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