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They were stridently anti-nuclear: the monster emerged after an atomic explosion.
There are extreme measures occurring all over the globe to silence the outcry against nuclear and its atomic lies.
The wisdom of experience was useless in the atomic era, because no one had ever participated in a nuclear exchange.
Much of his early work centered on atomic energy, and he opposed both nuclear and coal-fired plants.
Tells about how atomic energy is released in a nuclear reactor.
Gave me his word they were not building an atomic or nuclear bomb.
Nuclear reactors generate energy through fission, the process by which an atomic nucleus splits into two or more smaller nuclei.
But while those countries recoil from atomic energy, others are committing to a nuclear future.
Tiny atomic reactors have energized the nuclear industry.
Nanotechnology is the study of the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.
Development of the atomic bomb overshadows everything else.
It is absorbed into the atomic structure of the iron and is permanent.
Every week coal companies detonate explosives equivalent to that of an atomic bomb.
Nanotechnology deals with substances at the atomic and molecular levels, which means really, really small.
The process is complex, but the hexagonal shape of snowflakes essentially reflects the underlying atomic structure of water.
But if you go back even further and think about the atomic bomb, that was another one.
Fusion involves small atomic nuclei colliding to form larger ones, a process that releases energy.
The sun and stars are daily proof of the great energy released when light atomic nuclei join together.
One common way proposed to do this is with an atomic bomb.
But not everyone agrees that atomic energy requires public money.
Such collisions should cause individual atomic nuclei to recoil, and with the right apparatus such recoils can be observed.
First, they will provide an understanding of how biology works right down to the atomic level.
Fusion involves colliding small atomic nuclei together to form larger ones, and thus releasing energy.
The age of atomic energy could be said to have begun, literally, with the wave of a wand.
The project, comparable in ambition to ballistic-missile defense, is the first of its kind in the atomic age.
The atomic clock may have slowed a bit, but it is still ticking.
Behold the future of atomic energy in a comic book from the dawn of the atomic age.
We have begun to develop atomic clocks and extremely sensitive accelerometers.
At this point, electrons were still roaming free and only atomic nuclei could form.
The first pictures of atomic orbitals are confirming theories and resolving controversies.
Quarks are the elementary building blocks of positively charged protons and neutral neutrons, which make up atomic cores.
It's a tantalizing idea: creating a material with ideal properties by customizing its atomic structure.
For him then, quantum mechanics was at best a provisional step on the way to the right theory of atomic physics.
In truth, it takes a spectacular amount of imagination and thinking to grasp the sublime elasticity of the atomic domain.
Cosmic rays are mostly protons plus a smattering of alpha particles and other atomic nuclei.
Sub atomic physics is used routinely in hospitals as part of diagnostics.
Relativity was proven years ago using atomic clocks.
Our semi-evolved brains want to think of electrons that way as well: little spheres whizzing around atomic nuclei.
Knowing the atomic number already tells you a lot about the nature of the element.
Their goal: to construct a more detailed and accurate picture of how atomic-scale interactions shape big-world phenomena.
These comments demonstrate the usual mix of information and misinformation in the public domain regarding atomic energy.
These house-sized detectors capture the sub-atomic debris radiating out from hundreds of millions of collisions per second.
We have atomic clocks programmed to feed our electronic devices with precise readings.
US atomic power could be limited by old reactors.
The processes that cause materials to be radioactive--to emit particles and energy--also occur at the atomic level.
It might as well have been an atomic bomb detonating in the middle of the desert.
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