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If the lawyer is not willing to ask the question openly, then he or she should not be permitted to ask it on the sly.
Always spin your weakness into something positive if they ask that dreaded question about your weakness.
Students in elementary, middle, and high school are invited to use this form to ask our current featured reporter a question.
Ask a question by clicking on the chat link and typing your question there.
Indeed, those who ask how the movie industry can possibly make sense are asking the wrong question.
To ask a general question, e-mail us using this form.
Entrepreneurs who want to enter this world must perform due diligence and ask questions.
Ask all of your interviewers to identify themselves before speaking.
The second simply wants to be the best walker any dog could ask for.
Ask students if they think that whales are the only creatures that use this water.
How to find a great seafood counter, and what to ask them when you get there.
Ask six people to build a simple car or spaceship and you'll end up with six wonderfully different vehicles.
Be sure to share your talking points, even if your interviewers don't directly ask questions to elicit them.
Ask them to find three research projects, reports, or other descriptions of oceanographic activities.
But few people have stopped to ask why dogs have such a keen sense of right and wrong.
Gold said people ask him how microbial life could have gotten down to the seafloor.
He routinely stops to ask vendors for advice on ingredients and to trade stories and gossip.
If you have to ask whether an item should be reviewed by legal, then it probably should.
Browsers may be configured to ask before accepting cookies, too.
Ask them to create new coloring pages for hammerheads.
Signs in several places on the exhibit ask that visitors look but not touch.
So before you buy, ask the nursery staff about the plant's size at maturity.
Put ten photographers in a room and ask them what got them hooked on photography.
And if that doesn't work, she thinks it may be time to ask voters directly for money.
Ask students what some of the physical features consistently used as political boundaries were.
Unlike in the past, however, corporations now ask more from us than simple acknowledgment of support.
Ask yourself how best to show off the item you want to buy.
It's completely appropriate to ask questions exploring a manager's ability to follow through during the negotiations.
In the talent-hunting private sector, radical transparency is too much to ask.
Ask group members to place their maps side by side so they can see all of them at the same time.
There is all the information here that you could ask for.
People often ask me how to keep pets from chewing on leaves or digging in the dirt of houseplants.
The whole essay-still relevant nearly seven years later, if you ask me-is available here.
Ask students to print their maps and write captions explaining how each one helps illuminate a point related to the news story.
Ask students to name some of the environmental issues affecting the oceans and list their ideas on the board.
Ask for good garden reference books for birthdays and holidays.
Ask students to look around the room and identify items that come from animals.
Be sure to ask your supplier if you are purchasing in bulk.
Ask the students why these are the recognized regions.
Once you've zeroed in on a flavor profile, you can ask guests to bring bottles that fit.
Ask students to think of some nonviolent protests or revolutions they know about.
Ask students whether there is a relationship between population density and areas of increased risk for volcanoes and earthquakes.
Ask groups to pretend they are consultants who have been hired by the city government.
Ask your students to list a number of questions a future business owner might ask about the location of a business.
Ask students if they have ever been to a shopping center, and what kinds of shops and services they found there.
Ask students if they have ever lived somewhere else.
Ask them to discuss the purposes of these articles and the viewpoints they express, if any.
Ask students to pretend that they have been asked to write a series of books about their own town's neighborhoods.
Ask students to think about the natural environment near where they live.
Ask students which explanation they think is the right one.
Ask students to brainstorm four basic survival needs that all animals require from their habitat.
Ask students to look at the objects and try to determine what they reveal about your life.
Ask students to choose a few flags that seem particularly interesting and to explain what they find intriguing about those flags.
Ask students to think about the abundance of both animal and plant life in the ocean.
Ask students if they have ever seen alligators or crocodiles, either in the wild or at the zoo.
Ask students what would have happened if they had poured the liquids into the jar in a different order.
Ask students if they are familiar with their own national anthem.
Ask students to name some things that grow on farms.
Ask students if they know some of the good things bees do.
Ask your students if they think these people are cultural icons.
Ask students to discuss what they learned about adaptations in modern and prehistoric animals.
If so, ask them to describe some of the things they already know about them.
Ask these students where they think they would stand in the marsh at low tide.
Ask students what newcomers to their local community would find if they explored the area.
We never really talk or ask about the enjoyable side of it.
Ask a trusted colleague who has been through the tenure process there.
Ask students to write brief essays answering these questions.
He didn't laugh, or ask questions, or slowly back away.
Please from now on, whatever you are asking, please go ask the world's first and second largest economies.
Ask them how tool use by chimps differs from tool use by humans.
It is inappropriate for you to ask your references for copies of their letters.
Don't ask about the other candidates and don't ask someone to estimate your chances of getting an offer.
Ask students to find the clue to the word's definition.
Ask the paint retailer for a custom mix compatible with your surfaces and paint.
The missing member did not ask me any questions at all.
He could ask for things-and would reject a proffered item and ask again if it was not what he wanted.
If you don't ask her out today, she will think all weekend how you don't want to ask her out.
Ask students to state the letter that each word begins with, and have them write the letter on a blank piece of paper.
Another common mistake of applicants is failing to come right out and ask for an interview.
Ask students to pretend they are archaeologists who are interested in finding more human mummies around the world.
Show the students an outline map of the world as well as a globe, and ask them to identify the areas that are covered with water.
Ask any local for his or her favorite joint-everybody has one.
Online filing does not ask for an original bill of sale.
They'll probably have a fixed list of questions to ask, and either one will ask the questions or they'll do a round robin.
Ask students to focus on the differences between the types of regions at each level.
If your interviewers ask whether you have any questions, be sure to have one and ask it.
Send them home with the questions and ask that they to bring back a short printout.
Ask students to form pairs, but show their work on their own maps.
Ask students what words come to their minds when they think of dinosaurs.
Ask them if they recognize the animals and know what they are called.
Ask students what they would do first to help the monk seal.
Ask students to point to the part of their body where they would find their femur.
Ask students their opinions about what prompted people to build each dam.
Ask them to hypothesize the natural and human-made things they'd see from the airplane.
Ask students to consider how exclaves and enclaves are similar and different from other landlocked countries.
Relationship experts report that too many couples fail to ask each other critical questions before marrying.
Ask students to look at the picture and think about why the river and lake water is important to everything else pictured.
Not only do cellphones give students a new way to stealthily ask a friend for help.
One hundred year doth ask of space, for one degree to move.
Despise no new accident in your body, but ask opinion of it.
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.
To put an end to your doubts, ask what you will, the gift shall be yours.
Everything you ever wanted to know about bed bugs but were afraid to ask.
The hosts aren't afraid to ask probing questions and challenge the status quo.
For uniform texture, ask your butcher to grind it twice for you.
For the canyon preserve, ask for directions when you call for reservations.
Feel free to ask the sommelier to decant your bottle.
If the containers lack drain holes in the bottom, drill them or ask the seller to do that.
Questions that do not require a lot to ask and do not require a lot to answer.
Ask volunteers to come and place words under the correct heading.
Ask the students if some of the words could describe more than one season.
Ask groups to research countries on their list to find out about modern-day agriculture in those countries.
Ask students to take notes on the threats discussed on this page.
Ask students to choose a month or two from the average daily high temperatures chart and calculate the monthly average.
Ask students to pretend they are planning a big vacation to visit each of the polar regions.
Please ask your academic advisor to verify that this internship would qualify for credit hours.
Ask students to think about and discuss how much more difficult climbing blind would be.
Ask students to create charts with two columns and four rows.
Ask them to notice the specifics of what the pirates were wearing and the accessories they carried.
Ask questions about the relationship between literacy rates and fertility rates.
Ask students to quietly observe their candies and to think of similarities and differences between them.
Ask them to think about a place with which they are familiar, such as their favorite park or playground.
Ask them to list the continents that are represented.
Ask students to think about how a cafeteria can have perceived regions.
Ask students if they have ever been to the mountains.
Ask students to think back to the story of the three little pigs.
Ask students to identify important ways in which humans have used technology to alter the landscape around the world.
Ask students to provide examples of expeditions they have heard about, either in the distant past or recently.
Write these terms on the board and ask students to define what each means.
Ask students to think about how the weather has been during the past few years in their home region and around the country.
Ask students why they think this job would be harder with dinosaurs than with other animals.
Ask students to list the good things about living in the city and the suburbs.
Ask students if they have ever heard those words before, and what they think they mean.
Ask groups to list the aspects of the town that are of particular interest to teenagers.
Frequently, when designing museum exhibits, you ask people for feedback.
Typically, these are the questions that museum curators ask when they exhibit artifacts.
We ask for a minimum commitment of sixteen hours per week during the allotted time period.
They'll get to ask questions of the candidates during the debate.
Many quilting websites and magazines ask me to write essays about the film and the filmmaking process because they need content.
Today, you go online and ask for content by its arbitrary address on a server.
The entire weekend, they didn't once ask if she had a boyfriend.
However, he did admit that the organization does ask for that information during interviews.
After you try this refreshing summer cooler you'll ask yourself the same thing.
Ask yourself if the thing is truly necessary and, if it isn't, then don't buy or do it for one month.
It's easy to grow, so ask your local farmers--someone may well have some, or you can plant some now for next year.
No one-not our schoolmates, not our teachers, not even our parents-had to ask about them.
If you haven't seen them at your farmers' market, ask whoever sells broccoli to bring along the leaves in the future.
Ask anyone and they will be sure to go on and on about how they adore it.
And the first thing he did was ask how my mom was doing.
If you ask me, all of this makes for good cookbook reading.
But ask them how they make it, and they're suddenly flummoxed.
Although he's no grandstander, at the end of the service he's delighted to chat with those guests who ask for him.
But if you ask me, when it comes to pork, there is no relation between price per pound and enjoyment.
If you want to know if an elephant has a stomachache, ask the cage cleaner.
And if you want to know about heart disease, ask and upholsterer.
They ask us questions that they don't normally ask six-year-olds.
Ask people to describe the sun's color, and they will say it looks lemony.
The exact lyrics are a bit off-color for this blog, but the two singing clowns certainly ask some valid questions.
He did not point at objects, either to ask for them or to call his parents' attention to them.
Regularly people ask me in the comments details as to the variables, or a more explicit elaboration of the methods.
His students hurried to another lama to ask about this, and he told them to cover the body and continue their prayers.
Ask a geologist to define sandstone and the definition will change depending on where that geologist practices.
Surely the heroes of science are those who dare to ask how the brain thinks and where the universe ends.
Journalism becomes art when the writer dares him or herself to ask if reality itself is a form of fiction.
Each registered patient can ask to see a doctor of his or her choice and the center is run on a predetermined appointments system.
It's so thought out, so intellectual even, to ask someone to go get a drawing.
Since much of that work was supposed to be science it is fair to ask what has been accomplished.
Doctors are rarely taught to ask how an error could have taken place, let alone how it could be avoided in the future.
Anyone considering a clinical trial should feel free to ask questions.
Give a deck of cards to a pal and ask him or her to cut the deck, draw six cards and list their colours.
The user can click on a nearly right image and ask to see similar pictures, repeating the process until the perfect image appears.
If the lasing process works in one direction, why can't it work in the other, they ask.
But they don't ask how come these networks can't answer other kinds of questions.
Android is designed to ask once, when the application is being installed.
Before applying for a patent, an inventor should ask questions regarding its potential value.
Patients can talk to it about their hospital experience, report pain levels, and ask questions.
Maybe it's too much to ask for a code-once deploy-everywhere future.
It is simply unfair to ask a four-year-old to pay for herself.
They hold sacred significance and are viewed as protective and a privilege, thus it is not polite to ask us about them.
They ask where you live and what you eat, recommending a product regimen that suits your lifestyle.

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