Arty in a sentence

Example sentences for Arty

While x-rays can shed light on arty mysteries, sometimes it's not quite enough to crack the case.
Outdoor furniture and accessories for the gardener who is more arty than frilly.
He did not want elaborate sculptures and arty flourishes for food.
There's a happy groove in this dining room filled with arty locals and people there on word-of-mouth recommendations.
M arty wandered into the kitchen to make some coffee for us.
What the producers had in mind is difficult to discern from the foggy and arty, if explosive, action.
The scene is well done and not uninteresting, but it ultimately becomes self-conscious and arty.
Most collections of letters strike me as self-consciously arty--written not for the recipient, but for posterity--or dull.
Accommodations mirror public areas with their arty, unadorned maple furnishings and fiber-optic lighting.
Most arts organizations have carefully worded mission statements, filled with arty buzzwords and forged by groups.
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