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By day he was a sullen apprentice at a local print shop.
At the same time, he sought to learn about film by working as an apprentice to several filmmakers.
The apprentice takes his lessons well beyond the fundamentals and elevates his profession from a mere vocation to a veritable art.
And I have seen artists apprentice themselves to people, because it's so easy.
At this period he was bound apprentice to a mechanic.
He eventually let her work for free, then hired her as an apprentice.
The life of an artist as seen through the eyes of a young apprentice.
After moving to Chicago in his youth, he became a ballroom dance instructor and printer's apprentice.
The chance to apprentice with today's greats is rare; reading about them is the next best thing.
He worked full-time as an apprentice painter but chipped in very little for household expenses.
Apprentice painters would apply background color and decorations, while faces and hands were reserved for master painters.
The master would stand over the apprentice and watch.
So mine is learning to work on cars and plumbing this summer as a sort of apprentice.
But he quickly dropped out to apprentice under great chefs in working restaurants.
The playwright had to know what stage of development each apprentice had reached.
Generally there are two people at a machine, one a skilled worker, one an apprentice.
No wonder graduate school is sometimes compared to the medieval apprentice system.
The author did his best to apprentice himself to every one of them.
He left the local grammar school at the age of twelve, to serve as his father's apprentice.
Her apprentice work was conventional and unpromising, rather stilted.
Faraday became a bookbinder's apprentice in his teens and continued his education by reading the books he was binding.
He is now an apprentice at a heating and air-conditioning company, and is being trained as a heavy-equipment operator.
Since the stuff of the epic was constant, the apprentice could focus on style.
To be a chef, you should first study at a culinary program, or apprentice under a veteran chef.
He learned how to make jewelry by working as an apprentice to an older brother.
Beginners must apprentice with a professional tattooist, and these apprenticeships can cost thousands of dollars.
The wage rate to be paid the apprentice will be the percentage of the journeyman wage under the registered program.
It is the responsibility of the future apprentice to find employment with a registered sponsor.
Apply for a certificate of registration for a barber's apprentice.
Download a new apprentice application and complete and follow the instructions for change of master or salon.
How to apply to become an apprentice in that program.
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