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We encourage all interested sites to apply.
Rome had knowledge, but didn't apply it.
Women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
It is for youth to acquire, and for age to apply.
Apprentice painters would apply background color and decorations, while faces and hands were reserved for master painters.
After planting, apply liquid fertilizer every two weeks.
It took another four hours to strip the wallpaper backing, and seven more to apply joint compound, spackle and sand.
Visit the website to apply.
He also developed the technique of using a palette knife—and even his thumb—to apply and shape paint.
Clever students often fail even to apply to four-year universities.
Use a brush to apply a generous amount of etching cream into the open part of the stencil.
Following the package instructions, apply the iron-on adhesive to the back side of the yellow cotton.
If its performance is subpar, though, apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer in early spring.
To conserve moisture and discourage weeds, apply a mulch around and between shrubs.
Apply enough water to wet the entire root zone and to encourage deep rooting.
To make the surface durable, apply matte varnish according to the manufacturer's instructions with a foam roller.
Apply dabs of hot glue to ends of magnolia leaves, then tuck leaves in between fir branches.
First you set up your towel and apply sunscreen, despite the complete absence of sun.
Apply both seed and a complete dry granular, controlled-release fertilizer over the lawn.
Apply a complete dry granular fertilizer, also using a spreader.
Use a sprayer and roller to apply the product, then brush it in.
If leaves turn yellow between veins, apply iron chelate.
Apply half-strength liquid fertilizer every two weeks.
While using what you have is a stalwart green principle, it does not always apply to appliances.
To promote flowering, apply a complete fertilizer in late winter or early spring.
Apply it to foods, then rinse them again with cool water.
All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.
Apply at half strength and water well after application.
He also developed the technique of using a palette knife-and even his thumb-to apply and shape paint.
But the commandant did apply many forms of psychological pressure.
May be your readers will learn from this article and apply it to their lives today.
So rather than dwelling on her lack of political experience, she stresses how she will apply her nous to running the country.
Oddly, the same does not apply when markets are falling: then, journalists' language becomes less homogenous.
To stop itching and swelling, apply raw tomato to insect bites.
The principle of relativity must therefore apply with great accuracy in the domain of mechanics.
He that is bitten by a dog must apply some of its hair.
Craft unionism has succeeded in attaining these insofar as it has been able to apply this principle.
The same remarks also apply to such processes of bone as are separately ossified, eg, the trochanters of the femur.
Chief among these is the realization that every day is a good day to apply for an adjunct job.
Meeting a potential adviser can help applicants with their decision about whether to apply.
Candidates with interdisciplinary scholarly commitments are encouraged to apply.
Individuals with experience with writing across the curriculum programs are especially encouraged to apply.
Exceptional candidates with expertise in an area of biomedical science are encouraged to apply.
Scholars with a transnational orientation are especially encouraged to apply.
Individuals with interdisciplinary background that complement existing departmental strengths are encouraged to apply.
Remember that it may take less work to apply for grants and fellowships than you think.
Students don't need to have a career path mapped out before they apply, he tells families.
Must have strong human relations with the ability to interpret and apply college policies and procedures.
Those who are interested now can apply in stores or online.
Those with a work contract can also apply for a work visa.
It does not apply to grandfathered individual plans.
For quality results from any camera, the basics of photography still apply no matter how an image is captured.
They will select a specific regional feature and apply a geographic perspective to learn about it within in a variety of contexts.
After each group chooses their shipwreck, direct them to apply each criterion to the wreck.
Lift the bottom, cut the edge of the jeans top and apply hot glue around the side of the pot along the bottom edge.
Apply a dot of the household cement to the back of the spoon's bowl.
Melt different colors and apply using a plastic bag with a cake decorating tip inserted.
In reality, securing the cloud depends on working out where and how to apply those measures specific to your end user.
Variable pressure let farmers apply different amounts of water on each full rotation.
The large caveats that inevitably apply to mouse studies still apply here, in spades.
Presumably, the ethical standards that apply to all human research subjects should apply to them as well.
When you apply an electric field to these substances, their internal structure goes from random to highly organized.
The team then tested whether the bees could apply what they had learned to a new situation.
The probes used apply only to ovarian cancer, and one patient's tumor did not fluoresce after being injected with the label.
Apply once a week for about a month and they should be gone.
Such tools are transmission belts between conscious beings who create them and beings who apply them.
The problem is not the shortcoming of the law itself, but rather the reluctance of the agents of the law to apply it.
To help control early and late blight, apply a liquid copper fungicide.
Travel restrictions, conditions and limitations may apply.
But price controls don't apply to organic and other value-added products.
Engineers apply weather forecasting methods to earthquake prediction.
The results of this study apply only to visual information.
Molecular gastronomy aims to apply the piercing clarity of science to the culinary arts.
It does not of course apply to scientific questions.
The researchers apply these spheres to the surface of the object they want to see.
Appraisal disruption could apply to oneself as well as situational stimuli.
But note please that entropy increases in whatever system is used to apply the work to compress the gas in the cylinder.
Scientific method does not apply to moral positions.
Future research should apply a similar methodology to tracking coverage at cable news.
If you know a student who might be a candidate, encourage them to apply.
But, the researchers point out, these findings only apply to conflict and overconfidence on a small scale.
If you apply a second shock too soon, nothing happens.
Additive ones, which apply to sources that emit light, add up to white.
These are all natural, physical phenomena, and they all apply potential selection pressures.
And the transfer provisions apply even to detainees who have been conclusively determined to pose no threat.
Once white people hear it, they tend to freeze, and start listing reasons why it doesn't apply to them.
The last two requirements would apply even if no country defaults.
She seeks to show that all who accept this belief must also accept that similar rights apply to other animals.
Today all these old verities about the relation of war and politics or about violence and power no longer apply.
Note to future public servants: aspiring murders need not apply.
It's cultural war they're waging, and wusses need not apply.
Sometimes she would take out her compact and apply lipstick when someone was boring her.
Of course, the mark of a true glider is that it has no engine at all, and therefore has no power to apply at the end of a descent.
Layer them on the top of the outer corners and apply them close to the lash line.
Corruption aside, private companies are exempt from many regulations that would apply to government agencies.
As though only a total outsider, or fool, or wise guy would apply such workaday logic to the briefing process.
The old infectious-disease model, with viruses and bacteria that live and die, does not apply to this disease.
It may seem cold and inhuman to apply a political calculus to casualty figures.
Here the old-fashioned term poetaster may apply, if only obliquely.
The intimate contest for self-command can apply to pleasures as well, and for similar reasons.
Many tax credits don't apply to them, if they're phased out for people with income above a certain threshold.
If you want to apply, please send us a résumé and cover letter.
The principles are supposed to apply to all forms of media, print and electronic.
And it's not a huge leap of the imagination to see how these apply now.
It had not been informed that a life sentence might apply.
Apply that equation to two industries: manufacturing and health care.
But the truth is you'll blame yourself if you don't apply the two-step process and some day later get hacked.
Once it expires, you're ineligible to apply again for six whole months.
When every position you apply for draws hundreds of applications, they are looking for any excuse to eliminate people.
So there is a plausible argument that it shouldn't apply to a debt-questioning law a century and a half later.
They help apply for disability insurance and fill out paperwork for state-run housing where their medication can be overseen.
Ribald, gentle, messy-any other adjective you would care to apply.
We have been hesitant to apply these lessons to adults.
The answer to this chemically induced problem was to apply more chemicals.
They are discriminatory in that they apply only to foreigners.
It argued instead that the law did not apply as the government maintained.
First, being pre-approved for a credit card does not mean you have to apply for it.
The same can now apply to theme tunes for sports shows.
The molecules could be used as an inexpensive, easy-to-apply glue in a variety of applications.
The technology could also apply to metal-air batteries that could store far more energy than anything on the market today.
The researchers use an external battery to apply a voltage between the two electrodes.
Industry could apply it to monitor welding processes.
When you apply sequencing technology to the microbes inhabiting the human body, it turns out to be fascinating.
Apply electricity and the sheet produces a soft, steady glow.
Attackers can apply a huge body of experience from attacking desktop machines when looking for a way into mobile devices.
And when that happens, the laws of physics simply don't apply.
Because it may make sense to apply it to gaming trends, but not at all to epidemics.
To reduce this effect, cell makers apply antireflective coatings or etch the cell's surface to increase photon absorption.
Then, apply these enhanced inverters to panel groups located in different zones.
Others aim to recruit live humans and apply their intelligence to tasks computers can't handle.
Now it depends how do you apply pressure on the lattice.
It would seem to be a perfect fit to apply this mathematical method.
Provided below is an overview of the process to apply for grant opportunities.
How you apply for a visa depends on which visa type you are interested in.
Below are the basic steps to apply for a nonimmigrant visa.
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