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Example sentences for Anomaly

Any data points outside of normal operations appeared as an anomaly.
If it happens once, it's an anomaly.
We take this anomaly for granted and ignore the real significance of it.
The increases we have now are not a natural anomaly.
You keep listing erroneous claims, quotes deliberately taken out of context and exercise in anomaly hunting.
One could say that you have experienced a statistical anomaly.
They film this astronomical anomaly as it runs through a variety of tricks, then disappears.
The team will concentrate investigating the reasons for this anomaly once the science data has been analysed.
As the sun set, we drove into the hills until we came to the large hotel — an anomaly on the rocky, deserted shoreline.
Extreme behavior exists, but it's the anomaly.
In the following century, Einstein's explanation of that one anomaly helped break the study of physics wide open once again.
When a biologist meets with an anomaly, he instinctively turns to the study of development to clear it up.
Tet was a historical anomaly: a battlefield defeat that ultimately yielded victory.
The growth in this sector is unquestionably an anomaly in the stock market today.
As it turns out, there is a known anomaly in the temperatures of helium white dwarfs.
Having a map of every temporal anomaly in the universe does not necessarily mean you know where you are going.
The key here is whether the anecdote illustrates a broader, true dynamic, or an anomaly.
Road movement was slow as the convoy stopped periodically to examine every roadside anomaly.
He loves the historical anomaly, the stuff outside the models.
It will be interesting to see if this is a trend or anomaly.
The anomaly sports a platinum blond wig, a florid face and a tight white sweater with a white fur-lined hood.
When efficient-market theorists come across a market anomaly, they tend to dismiss it in one of three ways.
In efficient markets, such an anomaly should be arbitraged away.
Even if the bumps in the data prove more than a statistical anomaly, for example, they could be the result of something else.
The rebate is an anachronism and an anomaly, the commission argues.
One particular anomaly is the system that reserves extensive sectors of the economy for small businesses.
It was an anomaly, no different to finding a hoard of gold coins and blowing the lot on high living.
Putting a proper value on ecological services is bound up with another economic anomaly that haunts environmental economics.
It is interesting to note that they had to do tests over a pretty big distance to find this anomaly.
If you choose to pursue a career instead of a family you are still seen as an anomaly.
They looked for evidence of onboard gas leaks, software errors-anything that might explain the anomaly.
Plus, he had the track record to suggest last year was a major anomaly.
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