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He was said to be in outstanding physical condition, and like every member of the force, he had to undergo an annual physical.
Today it has more than 50000 head of cattle and an annual production of at least 10 million pounds of beef.
To bloom, a clivia needs to be on an annual cycle of warm and cool temperatures.
This meeting was well attended and indicated clearly that such a meeting should be held annually.
My chair writes a lengthy letter after the annual review, every year.
For 10000 miles of driving — the annual average for many motorists — gas and oil expense for the compact would be $168.
The annual herbs grow easily from seed, which may be sowed any time after the last frost.
The corporation makes annual tax-deductible payments to a pension fund for members.
This infamous summer annual thrives in warm, moist areas.
The possibilities are worth examining, for the spending involved may run as high as 10% of your annual income.
They are the servants of the public, and are maintained by a part of the annual produce of the industry of other people.
The great annual importation of gold and silver is neither for the purpose of plate nor of coin, but of foreign trade.
But from annual images to permanent images the transition is easy.
The annual report card on the state of the planet's species contains some sobering statistics.
The university offers regular academic ranks with annual and multi-year contracts.
The annual report card for scholarship athletes was the best yet this year-but there's plenty of room for improvement.
Here the birds rest, refuel and begin their mating ritual as they complete their annual migration.
Today the park receives about three million annual visitors.
Their annual juried exhibitions have been hosted at the premier galleries and museums across the state.
Hand pulling or hoeing is your first line of defense against weeds, especially annual and biennial kinds.
Though some out-of-zone nurseries offer this as an annual, it's a perennial shrub.
In regions with regular high winds or heavy annual snowfall, avoid trees with weak or brittle wood.
Choose a site that has plenty of sun for your annual phlox.
With our first annual all-season ski guide, you can own the slopes year round.
With regard to our annual retreat, spouses of non-management employees will be considered luggage.
Year after year short stories from the magazine are chosen for inclusion in the important annual prize collections.
In the strawberry industry a grower's annual losses can be huge.
To help, you created a new evaluation system that requires an annual review of all teachers.
Scouts descend on the main plaza for the annual event to form their group's emblem.
The annual market for underground electricity transmission is measured in the billions of dollars.
The result of such crosses over time, she thinks, yielded both annual teosinte and corn.
Anyway, he points out, there aren't many alternative methods for tracing the annual effects of historical climate trends.
These top candidates are usually accepted as elected, without further discussion, at the annual meeting.
Comparing the widths of rings can reveal relative annual growing conditions over hundreds of years.
But the books that transmitted this daily, weekly, and annual cycle contained only words.
The value of their expensive watches reportedly exceeds their annual salaries.
All full-time employees receive annual leave as a state work benefit.
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