Amoeba in a sentence

Example sentences for Amoeba

Among his discoveries was that nonparasitic amoeba can fatally infect the brains of humans.
My once succulent buttocks now resemble a greasy, flatulent amoeba halfway through the process of mitosis.
Doctors did not realize it at the time, but he had a brain infection caused by a type of amoeba.
The boys sit out beside the sea while the chief lectures them on the merciless nobility of the amoeba.
In one environment there is a giant amoeba shape suspended in a darkened room illuminated by neon light.
They extend a pseudopod in the direction they wish to travel, and the rest of the amoeba then flows forward into the pseudopod.
In fact, the average one-celled amoeba looks far perkier under a microscope than a fertilized human egg.
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