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The alpine timberline marks the point where the elevation is too high, and usually too cold, for tree growth.
Of course, there's also the rest of the mountain, which has everything from groomers to high-alpine steeps.
Every alp also has a resident herd of pigs-which generally don't make it into those alpine travel posters.
Its more than one million acres are filled with wildlife, dense forests, jagged peaks and alpine glaciers.
First, there was an ample supply of water from the lake and nearby alpine streams to the north.
But as alpine areas rapidly warm, beetles have moved to higher terrain.
That's due in many cases to the sheer difficulty of reaching that ice and operating in harsh alpine environments.
In fact, temperatures are ascending rapidly, and this effect is especially powerful in alpine regions.
The switchbacks through the otherworldly alpine expanse were numbing.
Since every object makes its own gravity well, the depressions overlap, giving space a kind of reverse alpine topology.
The primary alpine fault is significantly to the west of the city.
Winter can be frigid in these parts but adds a whole new dimension to the alpine experience.
Moreover, great effort and skill are required in order to operate the geophysical equipment in these alpine forested areas.
Watch for views of the peaks, an alpine watercolor framed by your windshield.
No diminutive alpine plants cling to the slopes of these valleys.

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