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They sound alike, look alike and have similar tastes in music.
Previous researchers had provided lists of similar-sounding and look-alike words, but their methods were unscientific.
Students and professors alike must be proactive in talking with one another and in listening to one another.
Cynics note that the muddled customs regime in the breakaway region is lucrative for outsiders and insiders alike.
In all that snow, however, scientists believe the chance that any two flakes are exactly alike is virtually zero.
Now the results of a new study indicate that these stresses can have serious consequences for doctors and patients alike.
But critics and boosters alike say unmanned aircraft will increasingly be used for peacetime work.
Wi-Fi is the great savior of interior decorators, professionals, and amateur alike.
Water-based activities from sailing to fishing are popular with visitors and locals alike.
Muscle cramping is a common problem encountered by athletes and nonathletes alike.
Whether you pack or buy, lunch is a favorite time for school children and workers alike.
The main terrace has plenty of room for vegetables and people alike.
His work was as irreverent as it was humorous and delighted adults and children alike.
Years of budget cuts have depleted campuses and morale alike.
Our educational programs offer opportunities for sailors, non-sailors, adults and children alike.
The process of making the two is essentially the same, but they don't taste alike.
But indie games and big-budget productions alike shared the stage.
Academic homonyms bewilder prospective students and bookies alike.
He commanded the respect of left- and right-leaning economists alike.
The reddish-gray-colored common earthworm is familiar to fishermen and gardeners alike.
The vast array of skeletons there will no doubt delight children and hardcore paleo-fans alike.
Unlike many hort societies, this one freely gives the information to members and nonmembers alike.
The light is flat and even, and beloved of fashion and portrait photographers alike.
Career advice and counseling, for beginners and experienced academics alike.
It is present in many seams, and poses a danger to humans and birds alike.
Reinforce the idea that animals are alike and different.
From the beach, the shag migrated inland and found fertile ground in country club and cotton crossroads alike.
Pundits and parents alike continue to second-guess the value of a college degree.
Over several days heavy machine-guns pounded out rounds, shredding gunmen and civilians alike.
Elephants may look alike to you and me, but the shapes of their ear flaps and their tusks set them apart.
Students and faculty alike are reaping the benefits.
The trouble is that the euro crisis makes fools of politicians and technocrats alike.
But over the years, the rise in cougar tales has sparked an interest in wildlife officials and cougar enthusiasts alike.
Art lovers and scientists alike want to understand the world and decipher its origins.
As students and enrollment officials alike grasp for certainty in an uncertain time, the admissions cycle keeps spinning faster.
Crooked transactions corrode confidence, which hurts firms and investors alike.
City planners and citizens alike frequently push for better public transportation.
It is a magical place, where you see visitors and monks alike enjoying the serenity of the ruins.
There are also plans for electric vehicles that residents and visitors alike can hire.
They are exactly alike in every property except that they rotate plane-polarized light to the right or left, respectively.
Children and adults alike experience regional educational programs in the sciences and humanities.
No two pneumonias, cancers, or gallstones are exactly alike either.
Over the past few years, biofuels have acquired an almost magical appeal for environmentalists and investors alike.
It is human overpopulation that is putting pressure on fauna and flora alike.
Pitching a tent can be frustrating for seasoned and neophyte campers alike.
Argentines and investors alike will be watching for signs of an economic revival.
But what stood out about him to many was the deep kindness he poured out on friends and strangers alike.
Moreover, it must then be linked to the age at which public and private workers alike become eligible for state pensions.
It is also a fat stack of stunning eye candy for cultural anthropologists and comics nerds alike.
And that will mean a lot to children and adult readers alike.
Its familiarity and ease of use will appeal to novices and seasoned gamers alike.
Rates of inflammatory disease have been rising for decades among adults and children alike.
Our backyard is chaparral, and it all looks alike at first.
Boat rides for an afternoon, a day, or much longer are popular for tourists and locals alike.
The backlash against the big three main parties stunned politicians and commentators alike.
The temperature rise has put feathered, furry, and scaly animals alike in a state of flux.
The result was inconsistency across browsers, screwing things up for web developers and end users alike.
There is so much speculations by scientists and non-scientists alike.
It is changing how neighborhoods and nations alike respond to disease.
He extended his friendship to students and faculty and staff members alike.
Would-be foreign investors and local businessmen alike do not know what to do next, except to hold their breath.
The problem is test scores in school become the ceiling rather than the floor for teachers and students alike.
Their destruction would rob a natural treasure from scientists and the public alike.
So foreign and local businesses alike should be oozing confidence.
The movie has already sparked criticism from archaeologists and clergy alike.
Obviously you want to do all you can to make your teaching experiences a success for you and your students alike.
Electronic communications offer many potential benefits for job seekers and search committees alike.
Players and critics alike have noted the game's resemblance to a job, and a fairly menial job at that.
Yes, chimps and humans are alike in some amazing ways.
Their approach is broad enough to include small-business owners and world leaders alike.
One leading animal behavior researcher believes these results show chimps and humans are more alike than previously thought.
Cline combines academic discipline with the accessible style that makes him a favorite with readers and audiences alike.
Sleek and swift, with lots of storage, touring kayaks fuel the dreams of weekend warriors and expedition paddlers alike.
Here, children and old people alike had lived in the dark for years.
The streams start to look alike, as do the mountains.
He is now represented on a new postage stamp, the subject of a look-alike contest and featured in an exhibit in the museum.
His findings of spacious rooms, ritual baths and the remains of gardens stunned scholars and the public alike.
It can be a stressful time for students and faculty alike.
Orphan works are a problem for owners and users alike.
Dropouts and degree holders alike, it turned out, wanted to be all they could be.
As the comments show, managing meetings is a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't dilemma for chairs and faculty alike.
Both literature and language students alike really took to the program.
They're more alike than the economists want us to realize.
Punch began as a sailors' drink, where everyone onboard-officers and ordinary seamen alike-would partake together.
Naturally enough, local chefs and home cooks alike build late-summer meals around all this bounty.
Divorce rates were low for the college educated and high school graduates alike.
Their voices are so much alike that their parents cannot tell them apart on the phone.
He spends a lot of the book becoming excessively angry with his protectors and tormentors alike.
For people and wildlife alike, fresh water means life-but supplies are limited.
No two figures are alike, and craftsmen are believed to have modeled them after a real army.
Though cicada noises may sound alike to humans, the insects use different calls to express alarm or attract mates.
No wonder their photos have caught the eye of critics and amateurs alike.
Making contact from far off the grid is a challenge for aid workers and explorers alike.
The nightly stage shows are designed to entertain both children and parents alike.
Lines form early for this cafe, favored by locals and visitors alike.
Physiology and evolutionary theory alike offer explanations for this tendency.
Tell sheep they all look alike, and they may beg to differ.
All the soldiers were exactly alike with one exception, and he differed from the rest in having only one leg.
The legends and rites of the two gods were so much alike that the ancients themselves sometimes identified them.
When the body is horizontal and the patient on his side, the two halves of the diaphragm do not behave alike.
Its nature is satisfied and it satisfies nature in all moments alike.
Both alike therefore cause pain in animate substances, and tear asunder and consume the parts in such as are inanimate.
Startups and established companies alike are developing new ways to take advantage of this social side to watching video.
No one cancer is alike, each colon cancer is unique in itself.
Physicists and motorists alike have long puzzled over the tremendous complexity of behaviour that emerges in one way traffic flow.
Goldberg and his eponymous machines have inspired engineers and comedians alike for decades.
Of course, individuals of some species do look more alike than individuals of some other species.
Submersible craft in the early years of their development were perilous to friend and foe alike.
After a decades-long reprieve, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance, plaguing rich and poor alike.
Truth is that since no two people are alike then all people are naturally biased.
Induced labor and c-sections are all the rage among patients and doctors alike.
As you can see, the two constructions can look quite a lot alike--the difference is in what they mean.
Today computers are standard tools for amateur and professional literary investigators alike.
The problem comes because a new and uncertain threat has provided cover for legitimate and opportunistic measures alike.
The country lawyer has been obliged to study all parts of the law alike, and he has known no reason why he should not do so.
Conventional wisdom and academic studies alike suggest that levels of happiness would fall as unemployment rises.
Social media creates new online privacy challenges for citizens and government alike.
He would be harsh on cynics and easy optimists alike.
Kids and grandparents alike loved tapping a drum to trigger different lighting effects.
For advertisers and content creators alike, that's problematic.
At first sight, this pair of near-future municipalities look pretty much alike.
The scale and consequences of its currency regime are alike unprecedented.
Effective treatments would thus be embraced with enthusiasm by sufferers and society alike.
The story of this law, the largest and toughest of its kind in the country, is a sad tale for its supporters and enemies alike.
Their cheap loans helped foreign creditors and countries alike.
And cars and phones alike promote freedom and mobility, with unexpected social consequences.
Food markets are often treated with suspicion by farmers, environmentalists and governments alike.
He is credited with innovations in textiles and artillery alike.
Farmers and urban entrepreneurs alike are subject to the rampant demands of petty officials.
No two tiles were alike: no two sticks, no two leaves.
Self-service can have benefits both for companies and customers alike.
Rising inflation has unnerved citizens and officials alike, and power-price controls are one way to stem it.
As disasters go, these two are perhaps not much alike.
He has, as the world and this newspaper wanted, taken a less strident tone in dealing with friends and rivals alike.
It is a spasm of regret that goes unmentioned by police and lawyers alike in my conversations with them.
Playwrights and actors alike are especially aware of their audiences, both present and future.
Amateurs and professionals alike will squint appreciatively at the lavishly detailed photos of distinctive homes.
The teams have also tagged and tracked many familiar creatures, uncovering surprises to science and commercial fisheries alike.
Parents and scientists alike abound with explanations.
If you can look at two galaxies that are alike except in one way, it's easier to isolate the cause.
On the surface, the brains of insects and mammals look nothing alike.
Robots today are a long way from the future envisioned for them decades ago by fiction writers and engineers alike.
Yet there is another way to displace oil, one that is attracting interest from academics and industry alike.
Both general relativists and quantum theorists alike have some serious concerns about quantum loops.
People of different backgrounds, she says, have more to teach one another over the long haul than do people who are exactly alike.
Funny people always tell me that me and my children look alike.
Help never arrives fast enough because no two disasters are alike and chaos is an agile enemy.
The children spent a week drinking each of the three mixtures, which looked and tasted alike.
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