Aghast in a sentence

Example sentences for Aghast

Nuclear experts on both sides of the debate are aghast at such comparisons.
The audience was incredulous and aghast.
The salesman stood on the sidewalk, aghast as the car rolled down the hill with me trapped between the seats.
Other delegates were aghast at statistics that showed the global imbalance of current applicants.
I'm aghast and extremely disappointed at this grade-school level of reporting.
Many, especially in banks and government departments, are aghast at the sheer volume of ancient code.
She did as instructed and was suitably aghast at the grime on her hands.
They are passers-by staring, aghast, at a fabulous piece of antique jewelry.
There they watched aghast as the tsunami claimed their town.
Guys, I'm aghast that the topic of conversation has entirely overlooked the major issues at hand presented by this article.
Aghast, the doctor's friends set about trying to get him released.
Critics were aghast that mind-altering chemicals were being given to kids.
But many film directors are actually aghast at the prospect of more government interference.
Impressed and aghast, the viewer is in for a tumultuous ride.
She was aghast when she overheard me rebuff another dialing-for-dollars caller that way.
Others are aghast at the economic stimulus, even though it provided desperately needed jobs.
They restored their land to a smooth and fertile beauty but were aghast to hear the dragons stirring.
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