Aggravate in a sentence

Example sentences for Aggravate

Oddly enough, he benefited from injuring his ankle last year: his rehab focused on balance, so he wouldn't aggravate the injury.
Mold has been found to aggravate allergies and asthma.
To drive him away, Molly carries out a hare-brained scheme to aggravate his cat allergy.
Higher sea levels would aggravate storm surges or the impact of tsunamis.
These heavy, costly contraptions only aggravate street congestion.
Don't aggravate yoru colleagues by doing some half-baked thing.
The cause of such ulcers is unknown, and although stress can aggravate them, most doctors do not believe stress causes ulcers.
He was told that further play would aggravate the injury and was excused from the doubles.
Aging can also aggravate a depression.
Entrenched deflation across Asia would seriously aggravate the economic crisis.
Other wheat components also help aggravate adverse allergic reactions to other particles.
The extra fluids aggravate the problem, and my run deteriorates into an alternating trot, stagger and walk.
Cheap oil might merely aggravate the twin evils of corruption and bad government.
Officials are uneasy about insisting on fiscal tightening that may aggravate recession.
The new health-care law does not aggravate the deficit, but nor does it do much to reduce it.
He hopes to be at peace with his neighbors and the world, he writes, and he will do nothing to aggravate tensions.
Rest and avoid activities that aggravate your pain, especially weight bearing activities.
Avoid using commercial, alcohol-containing mouthwashes, which aggravate the problem.
Take plenty of breaks from activities that aggravate the pain.
High-heeled shoes concentrate pressure on the toes and can aggravate, if not cause, problems with the toes.
Residue left on clothing by detergent and fabric softeners may aggravate pruritus.
Ozone can aggravate asthma, and can inflame and damage cells that line your lungs.
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