Aegis in a sentence

Example sentences for Aegis

If you can't avoid them, the most direct form of protection is to put yourself under the aegis of someone the bully does fear.
Under her aegis, property taxes have risen steadily.
Under the aegis of global warming.
There's a huge array of smaller programs underneath Falcon's aegis.
Under its aegis, some rather pallid and feeble stuff has crept into the curriculum.
There is talk of a small executive body under the aegis of the king.
They operate on the streets in almost every state and city in our country and do a lot under the aegis of multiculturalism.
Initially a material for daily use, porcelain became an art form under the aegis of imperial households.
Aides said he thought it was a breathtaking act of insubordination by a university that was technically under his aegis.
The establishments are managed by a quasi-private group under the aegis of the finance ministry itself.
Ten days earlier, he surrendered under the aegis of the amnesty program.
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