Acronym in a sentence

Example sentences for Acronym

There is always some new acronym in the technology industry.
Its also their fault for choosing a catchy acronym and then trying to make a name out of it.
The geeky acronym stands for random access memory.
All committees naming things, notably those likely to have an acronym, should include a 14-year-old boy.
Okay, actually one is a brand, and one is an acronym.
She said she had never heard the term before and thought it was some type of acronym.
First off, that's an abbreviation, not an acronym.
The acronym for it has been dropped altogether.
Couldn't think of anything semi-witty that I could turn into an acronym.
Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
If you do use an acronym, be sure to explain it on first reference.
But if the old name was clunky, it had an easy acronym.
To that end, he's begun pronouncing the acronym emissary instead.
Probably thought of the acronym first and then fit in the rather tortured program name afterwards.
The only valid reason for using such an acronym is if you're living in a totalitarian state.
The trending acronym is all over the cultural landscape these days, but it's always run deep in the surf world.
And there, if all goes well, it will stick-blocking the hole in a manner suitable to its rather contrived acronym.
So quickly the discussion slid into the acronym soup of existing regional groupings.
Those endless lists of features, those acronym-spewing salesclerks.
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