Acrimonious in a sentence

Example sentences for Acrimonious

They should recognize that effective representation does not require antagonistic or acrimonious behavior.
Effective representation does not require antagonistic or acrimonious behavior.
The race became increasingly acrimonious as the primary election neared.
Most people will understand how acrimonious divorce leads to one-sided interpretations with exaggerations.
Another acrimonious row with traditionalists looks inevitable.
Wells, a freelance writer, explores the acrimonious debates among high-level hawks and doves in Washington.
They went so far as to repeal, after a spirited and acrimonious debate, the ordinance of secession.
There were acrimonious comments from both sides during the long negotiations.
They have begun divorce proceedings in an increasingly acrimonious split.
This launched a lively, and sometimes acrimonious, debate about the lives of dinosaurs.
Having fewer people will not halt acrimonious relationship between people.
But the row has already become unusually acrimonious.
Arguing over who should be excluded will no doubt be an acrimonious legal process in many cases.
There were academic rivalries so intense and acrimonious as to result in completely trashed faculty lounges.
There was no acrimonious exchange of accusation of the sort one might have expected.
Negotiations between content companies and cable operators over digital streaming have become increasingly acrimonious.
These processes seemed to end in fruitless standoffs, sometimes acrimonious ones.
They produced two babies and wrote a few confessional songs about each other before an acrimonious breakup.
Deciding how to set the triggers, then, is a subject of almost constant and occasionally acrimonious debate.
The race to complete the map of the human genome has become acrimonious.
Eventually the group split into acrimonious factions.
And the debate over next year's budget level promises to be as acrimonious as the current spending debate.
The suit failed in the court system but the acrimonious local rift continued.
As the debate began to get acrimonious, the briefers left us.
After five acrimonious bargaining sessions, the parties remained at loggerheads.
The discussion over how to allocate the settlement funds is also likely to be acrimonious and painful.
The debate over family migration tends to be especially acrimonious, for two reasons.
Try to insult other people with acrimonious fancy talk is the last refuge of the coward scoundrel.
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