Abrade in a sentence

Example sentences for Abrade

He hid bits of sandpaper in his wallet so that in a pinch, he could abrade his fingerprints.
As streams constantly abrade rocks in their paths, boulders or outcrops tend to be fresher.
It is important not to abrade the skin during washing or rinsing.
Internal wiring can abrade on metal parts, presenting a risk of electric shock to consumers if the insulation wears through.
If maximum recoat time is exceeded, abrade surface before recoating.
Such action will work the dirt into the paper fibers, abrade the surfaces of photographs, and possibly result in permanent damage.
Plastic switches and push-buttons also need to be replaced as these abrade quickly.
It is also easy to abrade the paper and ink surface using these products.
Touching the petroglyphs and pictographs can damage the designs by leaving oils behind that abrade the rock.
Vehicles with studded tires gouge the pavement and abrade the deck surface.
Testing was completed to demonstrate that the tip will abrade bone.
The sharp particles may break or abrade the fibers that make up the yarns from which the fabric is woven or knit.
Windblown sands abrade the hairs leaving the vegetation nearly glabrous later in the year.
Do not use irritants or methods that may abrade the skin, as this could cause internal contamination.
Spotted knapweed stems can be course and abrade your hands.
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