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But being able to feel a bit better-off than someone else makes it a bit more bearable.
If students are not yet able to write, have them draw pictures of the mummies and share their pictures in small groups.
But someone who knows more about this might be able to correct me.
Many families dream of owning a vacation home, but few are able to make that a reality.
For the first time, scientists were able to track an asteroid from space to the ground and recover pieces of it.
In a play loaded with clever words, the funniest scene is one about not being able to get any out.
The downside is that the academic has to be able to function in a highly regimented way, be able to write on a schedule, etc.
The more precise and unusual the request, the less people were able to resist it.
Not being able to nurse and choosing not to ever nurse are two different things.
She wanted viewers to be able to invent their own stories to suit the scene, perhaps even insert themselves in it.
She is able to breathe on her own, although she remains on a ventilator as a precaution.
The candidate needs to be goal driven and results oriented and be able to work well with our students and faculty.
The world will be able to do better in agriculture if the resources are sync all around the world.
In government laboratories and elsewhere, scientists are seeking a drug able to prolong life and youthful vigor.
Plants that grow on city rooftops need to be able to stand up to constant sunlight and harsh winds.
He should now be able to understand speech more clearly, especially in noisy environments.
Seeking faculty who are able to teach multiple courses at the undergraduate and master's level.
They are able to cross entire oceans without great loss of energy.
Dogs may be able to understand far more words than a typical owner teaches them during obedience training.
At many excavation sites, paleontologists find more material than they are able to dig out during one field season.
Must be a team-player and be able to function effectively in a team work-centered office.
Scientists have known that nutritionally deprived bacteria are better able to resist the chemical blows dealt by antibiotics.
In a non-subsidized world, once fish stocks become depleted, fishers would no longer be able to earn a living.
The committee's leader must be able to invest sufficient time in the search.
It's the only way they'll be able to bring their economy back up and hopefully keep it there.
Agriculture led to cities and towns, as well as a new ecological environment that cats were able to exploit.
Researchers say that a specially designed device should be able to draw power from a strong magnetic field permeating a room.
When the perfect conditions occur, you'll be able to respond quickly.
Even if employers could be disciplined, countries would then need to be able to remove those who arrive illegally.
Scientists have reported that by bombarding a liquid with sound they were able to produce nuclear fusion in a tabletop apparatus.
If you aren't able to locate dry jack cheese, order from the maker.
To create any good picture, you must know your subject to be able to capture its essence.
Couples unable to conceive may soon be better able to pinpoint the cause of their problem.
The tree should be able to move an inch in either direction.
Despite the challenges and a few surprises, pronghorn were able to travel along their traditional migration routes.
And until now, scientists have not been able to closely track the transmission and mutation patterns of single strains.
Recipe alert for those gardeners lucky enough to be able to grow rhubarb.
Push the pedal, and the brain is less able to rewire itself.
It was warm enough and she was able to get it cleaned up before evening.
Monkeys may be able to devise gestures to communicate specific ideas.
After a while inside, your lenses will clear and you'll be able to photograph whatever you want.
All the crying is because some people want the right to be able to drive tanks around on the roads, to and from work.
If you stop at her place early, you might be able to buy a dozen before you leave.
More disconcerting, he may not be able to conduct anything remotely resembling a normal conversation.
We might actually be able to do a tiny bit of good in the world.
Label each pair so you'll be able to easily match them later.
The days you have lab, you may not be able to eat any solid food afterward.
Able to propose data models for simple software packages.
However, for a number of years researchers have been investigating materials that might be able to provide such protection.
Of course so far we're only able to do so with a minimal amount of glide.
He and his colleagues were able to implant satellite transmitters in bar-tailed godwits and track their flight.
Not only are they able to direct students, but they basically get your research started because they need less training.
It is less able to debate the issues that matter, because important actors may be missing.
People said it would never work-that viewers would not be able to follow it.
Candidates must be able to present evidence of teaching and research publications excellence.
Discrimination might be easier for economists to understand if they were able to measure it.
We should also be able to trace the relationship between genetic and linguistic diversity.
Those who don't, however, would be able to shop elsewhere.
Lateral moves only work if you are able to develop experience in your first job that will help you get the second job.
Nor will it be able to cut interest rates to aid its debt-laden households and businesses.
Second, you may be able to build one that is even more hospitable to intelligence than this one.
The receiver should be able to detect an eavesdropper and take appropriate countermeasures.
We may be able to get a glimpse of what happened before the big bang, thanks to a new study-but only a glimpse.
Thousands were able to flee while the eruption was in progress, and their footprints were pressed into the ash as they went.
But in order to plug a leak you have to be able to find it.
But with new training techniques and research he thinks they will be able to cope.
These people were able to feel hot and cold, sense pressure, and could tell sharp objects touching their skin from blunt ones.
Until now no one has been able to pinpoint the exact nature of the blast.
The team was even able to recover some protein sequences from this material.
If it's your browser, you should be able to add words to your own dictionary.
Or being able to grow, as advertised, those perfect pecs and abs.
Im glad that technology these days is able to help improve the world into a better place rather than abusing it.
But even at the last minute, they may be able to book you the meal of your dreams.
If you have a drip irrigation system, you will be able to water many plants at one time.
Using this system, the researchers realised that they might be able to copy the eel's electricity-generation mechanism.
The more information provided, the better you will be able to evaluate it.
Free to feel the sun and able to dine on bugs and slugs.
It's white males, and they have never been able to expand their demographic.
Govern thyself, and you will be able to govern the world.
The judge ordered her to be tortured many other ways, but without being able to draw from her one sigh or tear.
No one was able to draw out the crosier till the saint was ordered to take it again, and it followed his hand with ease.
But being seized with a sudden terror, he stopped short, and remained some time without being able to lift up his arm to strike.
He who will explain these latter cases will be able to explain the sterility of hybrids.
In a later period of childhood you will be able to find some dreams of this nature occasionally.
From the degree and frequency of the dimming, the scientists are able to make inferences about the planets.
By having their eyes directed to the right place, their brains were able to gather the information they needed.
And it's fun to be able to hop on and off spontaneously, and avoid long ticket lines.
In an emergency, he said, the fund had to be able to act quickly even if that reduced the understanding of outsiders.
Green light's frequency is too high for it to be able to travel through human tissues.
For many years researchers have been investigating designs that might be able to provide such protection by incorporating liquids.
And natural leaders, able to inspire others and put our customers at the heart of their work.
On waking a couple of hours later, he is able to joke about the experience with his team-mates.
The web portal, for its part, will be able to cut costs and increase revenues.
But scientists have never been able to verify the theory from such small pieces of bone.
Using underwater microphones called hydrophones, the team was able to record the songs from whales up tens of kilometers away.
Camels are powerful animals, able to easily carry humans and their wares.
E-gads, every one of my children gave reports of dreams as soon as they were able to talk.
Amazingly, scientists are able to distinguish between spoken and imagined sounds.
It has even gotten to the point where, if the utility is not able to meet consumers' demand, the utility can be penalized.
One of the dreams of biomedical scientists is to be able to transform adult cells into other kinds of cells.
He was recently able to hire a graphic designer and an art director, but is not certain when he will be able to hire again.
The reader is able then to see immediately the footnote and gain that info quickly instead of having to turn back in pages.
By having this backchannel, those of us attending one are able to get the highlights of the other sessions.
It should sync quickly and easily with your computer, and you should be able to use it to buy music at a reasonable price.
Here, packed into a lumpy and unusual shape, celery was able to sneak up on me after all these years.
If you aren't able to grill outdoors, see our indoor method.
Microorganisms multiply so fast on decaying areas that the processing might not be able to destroy them all.
With rising costs, some farmers are no longer able to stay in business.
But they miss plenty, leaving ridiculously easy access to berries you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.
He talked about the regenerative power of grain, how it is able to wait and wait to produce new life.
With relative ease, one was able to adapt older, more complex recipes.
Bottom line, being able to customize your food is one of the secrets to a great dinner party with lively conversation.
You're supposed to be able to turn it with one thumb so that you can pour a cup of coffee single-handed.
As a result, they will be able to provide lower-cost mortgages.
Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere.
Once he had mastered touch-typing, he was able to write with his eyes closed, using only the tips of his fingers.
It took her over a year of treatment to know whether she was going to be able to fend it off.
This, of course, suggests that not every celebrated musician is ready-or able-to quit their day job.
People who are worried should give thought to how they might be able to back away from the online life.
To fit the post-industrial age it must be able to reconcile the competing demands of flexibility and fairness.
Foster has achieved what no other architect has been able to: he has rethought the airport from scratch and made it work.
Thanks to this pattern, he has been able to work efficiently now for twenty-seven years.
Teachers were reportedly able to rescue two children he had been holding in his arms when he set himself on fire.
In part, this is because big businesses are able to enjoy economies of scale and scope.
Now, perhaps, audiences will be able to think about him more clearly.
And he is still able to manage his consummate, his characteristic, trick-which is to glamorize self-pity.
Not to be able to do the one meant not to be able to do the other.
Hoban was an exceptionally imaginative writer who was able to delight children and adults alike with his humor and wit.
He has drawn on firsthand accounts and private memoirs which he has been able to add to his research into published sources.
Styles have always changed and historians have been able to accommodate themselves to this fact easily enough.
No one was able to predict whether these pages would be published.
Early humans were able to plan and knew more about chemistry than we'd thought.
Scientists may soon be able to cut those eight wasted hours down to three or four-by waving a wand, more or less.
She gave it a try, and it seemed to work-she was able to avoid insulin during her pregnancy.
He also has an animation where he was able to track the asteroid better, so it looks nearly stationary while stars zip by.
When juggling four pieces of information, the subjects were consistently able to answer the questions correctly.
But researchers haven't been able to explain the peculiar patterns of the bleaching.
Being able to discern shape and size means that seals may use their whiskers to pick out the fattest fish.
If it damages it's mouth, it may not be able to eat.
From these studies researchers have been able to glean a few basic details about bioluminescence.
Because the barrier to entry is so low, anyone would be able to order a bag of chemicals and make their own solar panel.
The idea of being able to track things and people should be frightening to everyone.
Neuroscientists will soon be able to offer fresh ways to enhance our brains, whether with drugs or with implants.
Solar sailing is a decades-old idea that, until now, nobody had been able to harness.
C able television has lately become the domain of critic-approved, semi-highbrow entertainment.
He's able to access any joke instantly and brilliantly.
Waking up one day and not being able to tell the good guys from the bad guys in my life.
To be able to speak publicly without needing a speech.
Only the richest subaquatic species will be able to afford to live in the center of the city.
Mainly for those people who aren't able to work a computer, literally.
But you will be able to send e-mail, thanks to a new protocol being developed for use there.
The point is, they are able to stop taking it eventually.
The more surfactant the researchers use, the lower the surface tension, and the longer the wire they are able to produce.
Some snow flakes shapes are so complex that no computer model has ever been able to generate them.
Migraine sufferers may soon be able to shock their pain away.
Rather, you should be able to take your work, throw it out there for the world to see and decide if it's great.
They're well-known for being powerful, that is, able to quickly absorb and release electricity.
Using this information, they were able to figure out a list of potential keystroke pairs.
But they were able to discuss the challenges of porting their existing applications.
The group's adhesive was able to hold a one-kilogram weight when pressure was applied in the direction of the angled fibers.
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