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In spatial terms, it stood at the apex of a vertical axis.
When the pocket widens during the power phase, the gases spread almost to the next apex with incredible speed.
It will stand at the apex of a system of national central banks.
Adult alligators are apex predators critical to the biodiversity of their habitat.
And as anyone who follows the company knows, this is the time of year when rumors tend to reach their apex.
What often goes unremarked upon is the relationship between apex predators, prey species, and second-tier predators.
At the apex is the prime minister.
The incisors of the sheep are roughly wedge-shaped, with the apex at the root end.
Socialists think it's the apex of morality.
Sharks are scavengers and apex predators.
Seeing what was arguably one of the scariest apex predators of all time brought back to life-even virtually-was scary enough.
He sits under a white domed roof, with a swirling symbol of the sun at its apex.
When an apex, or keystone species is removed from the system, the biodiversity up and down the scale is affected.
Even in the course of human history there have been some dramatic changes to include our own rise to the apex predator status.
We've had numerous cases from around the world where top-apex predators have been removed or severely reduced.
More importantly, this signals the second time in less than a year that a former icon beverage brand has tumbled from its apex.
In the ocean, fish such as the great white shark are apex predators.
Finally, a hawk-an apex predator-swoops down and snatches up the snake.
Each show open captured the environment in which the apex predator lives.
They are curved, being blunt at the apex and sharp in the crescent.
His research interests cover a wide range of marine apex predators, but have particularly focused on cetaceans and sharks.
Get an intimate x-ray look inside this apex predator and learn about the anatomy that makes it tick.
The school is also the apex of the vast global industry devoted to teaching business.
Destiny represents the apex of the optimistic view that large projects will lift up the area.
Yeah, there are a lot of people who choose the exact wrong time to invest, on the apex of a bubble.
Historically being corrupted and today corruption is in its apex.
The widespread use of the technology has been the key to take it to the apex of the popular modern revolutions in technology.
The shower lasts for about two weeks, reaching its apex over the next few nights.
The problem with this logic is that the absolute is basis, not apex.
The tower stands at the center of a field of heliostats, which redirect the sun's light onto a solar receiver at the tower's apex.
At the apex, that is, of an equilateral triangle formed by you and your two speakers.
Aerial warfare is, of course, the apex of conventional warfare.
The spine is triangular, and flattened from above downward, its apex being directed toward the vertebral border.
Its base is formed by the lateral wall of the nasal cavity, and its apex extends into the zygomatic process.
During the civilization's apex, many ethnic groups were settled in the city.
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