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They had their accustomed table and waiter, and the former was always as prepared as the latter was prompt.
They are intensely patriotic but accustomed to globalization.
University trustees are generally drawn from a business background and are accustomed to corporate plans.
We're accustomed to borrowing from animals and plants when it comes to clothing ourselves.
Molecular biologists have become accustomed to seeing the same cellular machinery reused by many different species.
Already accustomed to being fed by people, they moved out into the cities.
We're so accustomed to data that hardly anyone questions it.
It was also clear that some visitors were not accustomed to escalators of any speed.
We are of course accustomed to announcements of this sort by the elite universities.
Then came the oryx, a wild breed accustomed to caring for itself and living on relatively little.
The region was in an accustomed power blackout that night.
TO many foreigners, accustomed to national codes and centralized administration.
The races must have been spectacular for people who were accustomed to thinking of horsepower in terms of actual horses.
Gardeners accustomed to the familiar buzz heard instead.
Argentines are accustomed to their government cooking the books.
These intelligent animals can adapt to many habitats, and some can even become accustomed to living in human communities.
As a fashion designer, you're accustomed to setting trends.
But the companies were too accustomed to competing with one another to form a common strategy.
Accustomed to two-legged species, the bison ignore people unless they're surprised or intentionally disturbed.
And he had probably grown accustomed to the artist's visual wit.
The carriers had become accustomed to treating their networks as precious resources, and handsets as worthless commodities.
Plant scientists are accustomed to seeing their research projects destroyed by pests and disease, but not by the police.
Many investors, accustomed to the calmer bond markets, have been wary of the racier world of commodities.
Gradually they become accustomed to being followed by humans and are no longer disturbed.
Scientists are accustomed to thinking of whale populations in terms of genetic diversity.
We are also accustomed to people getting unpleasant with us.
After a you get accustomed and stop trying to walk through too-small gaps, the holster disappears.
Not only are jobs difficult to get, the academic culture can be stifling to one accustomed to broader venues.
So try to be accustomed to think straight even when you're a bit drunk.
Give up the computing experience you've grown accustomed to for over a decade.
Some fear that viewers are becoming accustomed to light advertising loads.
Students aren't always accustomed to thinking of grades in numerical terms.
Decades of prosperity have accustomed consumers to a wide range of choice.
Native plants are hardier, because they are naturally accustomed to the climatic and animal nuances of your region.
Students need to start working on the wiki as soon as possible, so that they can get accustomed to it.
Accustomed to choice as consumers, voters increasingly pick policies rather than signing up to comprehensive world views.
But he was accustomed to stomach bugs, so he waited a day before coming into town for help.
However, students today seem to be much less accustomed to regulating their behavior in public places.
Private-sector bosses are accustomed to playing hardball with unions because they know they can go bankrupt if they don't.
After a while they became more accustomed to our presence.
They become accustomed to any fixed standard of living, rich or poor.
Those accustomed to good roads may grumble more loudly about much smaller shortcomings.
He has also grown accustomed to neighborhood kids stealing his sign and planting it on other people's lawns as a joke.
As a scientist, he was accustomed to having his ideas knocked around.
The law students, accustomed to articulate speakers with clearly defined agendas, puzzled over his all-over-the-map approach.
As for getting stuck: the only way that happens is if you become accustomed to a lifestyle beyond the means of a grad student.
For the coder drones, accustomed to being paid in warm feelings, such displays might make them take their coding skills elsewhere.
With rare exceptions, newspapers have accustomed their readers to expect digital editions to be free.
He was incredibly efficient at using his accustomed tools.
Moreover, they have grown accustomed to having nuclear reactors nearby and do not find the idea particularly frightening.
And they are people of the coast: they are accustomed to fearsome natural disasters-as they often remind their visitors.
One concern is that gorillas that get too accustomed to humans could change their behavior for the worse.
After one becomes accustomed to the mechanism, one does not need to look at the hand but only at the resultant movement on screen.
As artists, we're accustomed to thinking of art as existing in some tangible medium.
It is an accustomed action with her, to seem thus washing her hands.
Their dress, too, was of a different fashion from that to which he was accustomed.
By means of some such quip he was accustomed to paralyze his victims with laughter and then to destroy them.
Her face, so long familiar to the townspeople, showed the marble quietude which they were accustomed to behold there.
Wicked acts are accustomed to be done with impunity for the mere desire of occupation.
He added, that it was in this manner he was accustomed to recompense his relations and best friends.
Further, my online-marketing students had become accustomed to responding to discussion questions without any word limits.
The people outside see the situation as deviant whereas the people inside get accustomed to it and do not.
They often retired without the money to support themselves in anywhere near the fashion they were accustomed to while in office.
Both were nurses, more accustomed to taking care of other people than to looking after themselves.
Maybe they were accustomed to losing public battles over contraception.
By then, the military had long become accustomed to having a significant role in civilian policy-making.
We are all accustomed to issues in which principle and pragmatism collide.
They are accustomed to concrete, not pillows and carpet, so they can do a lot of damage in their new homes.
He replaced them with the high-quality foods he had grown accustomed to using in his restaurant.
We've grown so accustomed to the format that change is shocking.
Prisons have brought a stable, steady income to a region long accustomed to a highly seasonal, uncertain economy.
While the system could start relatively small, it could grow as the country became more accustomed to its contents and features.
These days, though, there are not nearly enough of those to support the industry in the style to which it has become accustomed.
Today we're accustomed to seeing food celebrities leap to fame, reign for a moment, then fade.
Restaurants and markets are accustomed to selling pounds to people who bring it home for supper.
Having got accustomed to investing to suit the whim of government, they could suddenly choose what to invest in and how much.
Besides, central bankers are more accustomed to trying to take away the punch bowl than mixing the drinks.
The government will struggle to maintain the largesse to which the public has grown accustomed.
Gulf employers have got accustomed to using cheap labour and they are ready to fight tooth and nail to keep it.
Energy companies, accustomed to far rougher places, may not be too worried by the political wrangling.
Mobile users are accustomed to paying, but expect a far higher level of service and reliability in return.
Until recently, newspapers were accustomed to operating as high-margin monopolies.
She went through the motions, hoping to become accustomed to solitude and silence.
But those who are accustomed to the exercise of power know otherwise.
Worn in public, these robes and gowns were guaranteed to cause unease among people accustomed to functioning in society at large.
Its staff will fight on, unbowed and unafraid, with the courage to which you have become accustomed.
We are accustomed to honest autobiographical shapelessness.
He is accustomed to the discombobulations of travel.
They've become accustomed to easily being able to look up any information they want conveniently and quickly.
In the end, bank managers looked out for themselves and did what they are accustomed to doing.
He said that because he is accustomed to falling from heights the tumble seemed to happen in slow motion.
Walker had by now grown accustomed to frustrating meetings with people who claimed to be close to the insurgency's leadership.
Baseball players are accustomed to answering questions about batting averages and game predictions and statistical minutiae.
From early manhood, he had been accustomed to being obeyed and to getting precisely what he wanted when he wanted it.
Or, riverbeds where this water flows down will not be accustomed to all the extra water they are planning to send down it.
At first the light came on a few times so the animal could get accustomed to it.
She could see no accessory she knew of that was missing, and there were many things to which she never had been accustomed.
The resort's cabins are clean and offer many of the creature comforts guests are accustomed to, such as electricity and heat.
Consumers have grown accustomed to high-definition audio and video on their portable devices.
Both are high-powered attorneys accustomed to high profile case.
The people who are accustomed to shopping here know it's not going to be here tomorrow.
Dopamine rewires the brain to become accustomed to those benign feelings.
Over time, as your dog grows accustomed to the distant sound of thunder, you gradually increase the sound level.
As an emergency room volunteer, she's accustomed to dealing with stress.
Wildlife and prairie flora have become accustomed to these harsh changes.
Gradual exposure to heat gives the body time to become accustomed to higher environmental temperatures.
While the department is accustomed to this look, the benefits go beyond tradition.
Bears have great memories, so they quickly become accustomed to human foods.
There are also several online services that you might be accustomed to using.
They stay up for a minimum of six months, but rotate to another site once drivers get accustomed to seeing them.
Visiting pets should be accustomed to crowds and capable of good behavior in the presence of other pets and wildlife.
However, if calves are accustomed to eating hay do not abruptly change their diet.
Former city dwellers often expect the same level of service and responsiveness to which they were accustomed when living in town.
But if they become accustomed to humans, their natural ways are ruined.
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