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Quality sibling bonding catching some air on the beach during sunset in the wintertime.
These solutions can help improve air quality, whether it warms or not.
Some of the gases emitted by volcanoes also cool the air.
Because people spend a lot of time indoors, the quality of the air indoors can affect their health.
It's the time of year when many peoples' thoughts turn to air conditioning.
When air pollution hurts people's health and heats up the climate it makes sense to do something about it.
Air pollution consists of chemicals or particles in the air that can harm the health of humans, animals, and plants.
Air bags are not inflated from some compressed gas source but rather from the products of a chemical reaction.
Imagine a sculpture that could help make the air cleaner simply by sparkling in the sunlight.
Straightforward techniques for ground and air layering.
Spray it on upholstery and rugs, plus they have the air freshener kind.
Air travel is often nasty, brutish, long and unprofitable.
The air was so murky that drivers had to use headlights in the middle of the day.
Mathematical modeling shows viability of a motorcycle that could run on compressed air.
But people who regularly cough and sneeze out into the open air are a public health menace, spreading germs to the rest of us.
The problem is that air resistance depends on the velocity of the object.
Cutting down on air pollution is an important step in going green.
When it comes to air travel, it seems to me that there are a few things that could stand improvement.
Scientists have determined how turbulent air inside clouds causes rain to fall, according to a new study.
Air rises here and spreads north and south, high above the land.
The ancestors of birds may have taken to the air on four wings and a prayer.
Lowland areas into which cold air flows are called cold-air basins.
But the air war continued, to enormously lethal effect, even as ground troops came home.
Lower down, air is pulled in from the north and south.
When air cools, the amount of water vapor it can hold decreases.
As the meringue cools, the air in the bubbles contracts and causes slight shrinkage.
Large metropolises have some of the dirtiest air in the world.
That's due both to the small size of the mineral particles and to the air and water contained in the pore spaces between them.
In our quest for energy to heat homes and run machinery, humans are pumping a stew of dangerous chemicals into the air and water.
If you want to grow a variety that is susceptible, plant it in a sunny spot that gets plenty of air circulation.
Test your air exploration knowledge with this online quiz.
Make fresh air viewing a new way to spend some downtime.
Meanwhile, the delta's air contained relatively little ozone.
And, of course, these mowers don't fill the air with gas fumes.
Subject to root rots and fungal diseases where drainage or air more add to my plant list enlarge.
We hold our breath and try to absorb each moment in the cool early-morning air.
Do check the air circulation vents for your building.
The air in many national wilderness wonderlands is getting worse.
These eddies of air can push plane wings in opposing directions, jostling an aircraft as a boat on wavy waters.
No popular game show contestant would be either beaten by the police or mocked on air.
My little sister jumping out of her swing in mid air.
Numerous studies have linked heart disease and air pollution, particularly smog.
Wind farms can change surface air temperatures in their vicinity.
They are all parts of an enormous electronic web woven on wires or only air.
Think large oak trees and the smell of honeysuckle in the air.
The first segment consists of a bullet-shaped balloon filled with helium, making it lighter than air.
It's an atrium that sweeps irregularly up through the middle of the building, where it will help both air and people circulate.
It's a perfect morning, the air and water so calm it's as if the day has not yet drawn a breath.
Cold air from the west was clashing with warm, moist air to the east.
Absolute humidity is a measurement of the total amount of water vapor in the air at a given temperature.
As the superheated air cools it produces a resonating tube of partial vacuum surrounding the lightning's path.
Clouds generally form, survive and grow in air that is moving upward.
The buoyancy theory supposes that the hot shower causes the temperature of the air in the shower to rise, reducing its density.
Other jet propulsion devices depend on the air inducted into the engine to supply the necessary oxygen.
The wing would do this using small, built in jets that redirect air around the w.
Roofs collect a lot of nitrogen from contaminants in the air.
The ancient pterosaur was a slow flier that coasted on light air currents and could soar for hours.
Sitting atop the narrow shelf above the sink, imperfect teacups make good holders for air plants.
Wind is the movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.
The best time to cut stems and branches is in the early morning or evening when the air is cool.
Rock the rose back and forth to settle it in and to allow air pockets to bubble up through the mud.
First step: figuring out how to suspend a head of cabbage in mid-air.
Air cargo is many times more expensive than maritime transport but arrives in destination markets much faster.
Some are of safety: every extra craft in the air adds to the risk of a crash or collision.
The strong plastic fuselage also allows for a nicer cabin with bigger windows and fresher, less depressurised air.
But they share a similar history: both planes finally took to the air more than two years late and far over budget.
It presents five surfaces, which enclose an air cell.
On either side of the crest is an irregular opening leading into the corresponding sphenoidal air sinus.
Behind the osseous part are the mastoid air cells, separated from the meatus by a thin layer of bone.
After the sixth month the air-sacs begin to make their appearance on the infundibula in the form of minute pouches.
The daughters of the air have likewise no immortal soul, but they can make themselves one through good deeds.
In arid lands, the ability to create freshwater out of thin air would be priceless.
Larger birds stay in the air by gliding on air currents.
Tornadoes are vertical funnels of rapidly spinning air.
The air that accomplishes all of this is composed of five major layers.
For example, neither exotic plants entering our communities nor polluted air from industrial areas observe borders.
When an apple is cut open, chemicals inside the apple combine with oxygen from the air to form a brown coating.
Lightning is extremely hot-a flash can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun's surface.
It's that time of the year when romance is in the air and people everywhere are planning where and when to plant the perfect kiss.
But the air samples show a smaller than expected difference from south to north.
These far-reaching effects illustrate the profound impact air pollution can have on the land.
The plants and animals that dwell there today are descended from castaways that arrived by sea or air.
Even on cloudless afternoons, perfect for haying, the dark nimbus of war hangs in the air.
The database knows when airline prices are going to change and has uncovered a host of other secrets about air travel.
In the past several years, air travel has become more hectic and less appealing for some travelers.
At one time, car travel was always less expensive but less convenient than air travel.
The term air mile, also known as a nautical mile, refers to the distance between two locations.
It has moisture-free air and crystal-clear ice, ideal for the kind of exacting measurements dear to astronomers and physicists.
Even if they never ask, the expectation hangs in the air.
It is a way to buy time, a stalling device that keeps the sentence aloft even when the air is no longer under its wings.
Traveling while being sick only adds to the ghetto's of air travel today, but you have to do what you have to do.
The lesser temptations of the system steadily become part of the daily air they breathe.
That's if there is no place in your neighborhood to get free air.
Perhaps, but the air is still not so clear-it can be tasted on the tongue, felt in the lungs and obscures the horizon.
Two concepts are central to understanding what causes wind: air and air pressure.
To understand how a mirage forms, one must first understand how light travels through air.
Actually doesn't account for air resistance, so actual height lower.
Epidemiologists find molecular clues to air pollution's impact on youngsters.
Highly exothermic chemical reactions are needed to thrust spacecraft into the air.
Absolute humidity, however, is simply the total amount of water in the air.
The less water in the air, the longer the flu virus survives.
We know that when perspiration is dried by the air there is a cooling effect on the body.
Yes, in theory removing the air from a tube would reduce drag and make things more efficient.
Compressed air energy storage is quite inefficient because of losses during compression and expansion.
And when the air can't hold any more moisture because it's totally saturated or it cools down, you get condensation.
The form of the ice crystals depends on the cooling rate and hence on the air temperature.
Spread batter in loaf pan and rap pan several times on counter to eliminate air bubbles.
We spread them on the table with our hosts, opened a bottle of crisp white wine, and went to town in the warm evening air.
It's that time of year again, when the sweet scent of mangoes fills the air.
Everyone knows about the horrors of modern air travel.
Maybe it's the self-congratulatory air of consensus among people who consider themselves and one another right-thinking.
The sounds are high-pitched, the smells are heady, and there's tension in the air.
Even the air has a pale-green cast: the moisture suspended in it picks up the pervasive glow of the verdure.
The air was darkening-a strange darkness, for the sun was blazing.
When the shaking stopped and emergency lights came on, the air was thick with a chalky haze of dust and concrete.
Smoke gave the cool air a faintly burned flavor, an aftertaste of ash.
But since that time she'd begun to notice at twilight a curious glistening to the air.
With his family, writer stops at an open-air fish bar.
Also discusses the improved efficiency of air-conditioners.
And utterance and thought as clear as complicated air and moods that make a city moral, these he taught himself.
New satellite tracking gives a much more accurate read on global air pollution.
As the animal exhales warm, moist air from its lungs, the moisture condenses onto the cool surfaces of the turbinals.
Insects have long been the best fliers around, but no one knew what kept them in the air--until now.
Despite all the dead air, the true believers say the odds of success are now better than ever.
No aircraft has ever flown that fast with an air-breathing engine.
The two major camps have proto-birds either dropping from trees or running along the ground before finally taking to the air.
If the ground gets heated, rising air can punch through cooler air above it.
The splayed tail feathers vibrate as air rushes past them, causing them to flutter.
It can't be lack of air-there's an endless supply-so it must be lack of water.
Let us therefore never lose sight of the humanity of this music, even when it gives itself an official and general air.
His mind was on his work, but his face looked drawn, and his features-it seemed to me- were dissolving into the air.
We know that air and water belong to all mankind and not merely to industrialists.
The project was in the air during the early nineteenth century.
The final section has about it a muted, valedictory air.
Over the day's proceedings hangs an air of melancholy.
And wide shopping streets were built, instead of the customary open-air markets.
Instead she goes out and buys two air tickets, which she holds out wordlessly to him.
The vehicle's lights illuminate a stupendous scene through water so clear that the photo looks as if it were taken in air.
He has the air of a respected first-year college teacher, giving you some of his time, and he lets you stay on after office hours.
Think of blowing hot air into a crinkled-up balloon.
That's because dealing with global warming is not a matter of simply paying a relatively small price to clean the air or water.
The company hopes to develop powerful, lightweight lithium-air batteries.
Alternative approaches replace the battery with compressed air or a flywheel.
In a conventional engine, a camshaft opens and closes the valves that bring air into the engine.
These valves all make the same movement all the time, even at low engine speeds, when less air is required.
Traditional wastewater treatment involves forcing air through the water to aerate it.
Compressed air can also be used to power such an engine without any tailpipe exhaust and much lower wasted heat energy.
As the air is pumped out of the bag, it contracts with two consequences.
Solid-oxide fuel cells generate an electrical current by pulling oxygen from the air and using it to oxidize fuel.
Instead, air from the outside flows over foam pads moistened by water sprays to cool by evaporation.
The supercritical fluid mixes quickly with air when it's injected into the cylinder.
In the reformer, the fossil fuel is heated with air and water to make a hydrogen-rich gas.
Outside, the air temperature was below zero, but the mist rising from the water kept my head warm.
The bugle calls can still be heard wafting on the air.
Open curtains and blinds to allow more air circulation around your windows.
We make choices everyday that can help reduce air pollution.
Air cleaning can be used as an adjunct to source control and ventilation.
Air supplies us with oxygen which is essential for our bodies to live.
No matter where you're going, air travel is an essential part of your trip.
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