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Zinc is an important trace mineral that people need to stay healthy.
Scientists still haven't discovered a cure for the common cold, but researchers now say zinc may be the next best thing.
Bacitracin zinc is a medicine applied to cuts and other skin wounds to help prevent infection.
My column this week mentions a fair amount of scientific information about zinc in denture cream.
The decor around this horseshoe-shaped zinc bar is dated, but the dishes are modern and often served in innovative combinations.
Less-prominent exterior elements of the addition are sheathed in zinc.
Zinc supposedly helps the body's natural defenses work to their natural capacity and decrease the severity and length of a cold.
Citrus may suffer from chlorosis due to iron, manganese, or zinc deficiency.
Some elements were more common than others, but everything from argon to zinc was there.
Fresh and ready to harvest cilantro fills a wide zinc bowl.
The prices of copper, nickel and zinc have also fallen by half or more this year, and aluminium is down by a third.
Great fun, especially late at night at the zinc bar.
The prices of copper, nickel and zinc have also fallen by around half this year, and aluminium is down by a third.
Cd is extracted with zinc as a byproduct, and if it is not used, it remains accessible to dispersal from tailings.
Half of this is spent on social programmes, from zinc roofs and livestock to subsidised bus travel.
Space-saving zinc-air power cells, for example, use air to activate a zinc anode.
But she also had too much zinc in her system, and they had to figure out why.
The region is also rich in antimony, gold, zinc and tin.
Zinc in plant proteins is not as available for the body to use as zinc from animal proteins.
The set consists two leather belts and a cast zinc buckle, which is where the action happens.
Lee, a compliance officer in the agency's drug center, said zinc could be toxic to nerve receptors in the nose.
The succulent flesh also contains traces of selenium and zinc.
Foods high in calcium or phosphorus may reduce zinc absorption.
Whole grain foods leavened with yeast have less phytate, which can inhibit the absorption of calcium, iron and zinc.
And the zinc bands echo the genteel clapboard siding of those houses.
But in one case, the show has on hand a molded zinc tombstone that is being repaired.
So they rapped their kopecks on the zinc bars to demand better service.
Zinc takes oxygen from the surrounding water and undergoes a slow combustion.
Zinc sulfate, a common toy additive, is not safe to eat.
Bound at the other end are light-sensitive pigments, zinc porphyrins.
The key appears to be a single zinc atom that sits at the core of the enzyme, which resembles a pyramid in structure.
Zinc bromide and vanadium redox flow batteries are other promising technologies.
Iron, zinc and chlorine are in the mix too, but at a lower abundance.
These ions reach the anode and begin to oxidize the zinc--a reaction that produces current through the release of electrons.
Electrons get trapped in the cadmium-sulfide core while positively charged holes move to the zinc-selenide shell.
The trick is that the spirals come undone when the zinc is removed.
Certainly no one is going to get a loan to open a zinc mine.
If you take a multivitamin, chances are it has zinc in it.
Zinc ore has jumped up to a price hitherto unprecedented.
Zinc is also needed for the senses of smell and taste.
Apply a barrier ointment such as zinc oxide paste with every diaper change.
Tips to prevent future outbreaks include applying a sunblock or lip balm containing zinc oxide to the lips when you're outdoors.
Exposure to high levels of zinc occurs mostly from eating food, drinking water, or breathing workplace air that is contaminated.
Low levels of zinc are essential for maintaining good health.
Statistics and information on the worldwide supply, demand, and flow of zinc.
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