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What often happens is that the writer misunderstands some aspect of the editing and loses confidence in the editor.
Note how in the second paragraph the writer refers specifically to the position announcement.
The cost for the writer is that publishers' budgets and schedules simply don't allow unlimited attention to one manuscript.
Finally, the desperate editor sent an equally desperate illustrator to search out the writer.
The third word of the article explains the writer's problem.
The writer should have thought twice before writing this article.
In some ways, no one except an excitable science writer here and there had taken enough notice to respond.
Perhaps he did: he often complained of the artistic malady known as writer's block.
It is merely teaching participants how to overcome their writer's block.
If the interruption to the flow of the sentence is but slight, the writer may safely omit the commas.
It would be impossible to say, whatever the context, whether the writer of the first intended a gerund or a participle.
It is in thirteen books, and represents the labour and observation of some twenty years of the writer's life.
His work, as a whole, forms the best single commentary upon the history of the twelfth century left us by any writer of his day.
But his robust good sense, his regard for strict accuracy and his determination to be understood, make him an interesting writer.
Never does the writer appear to be searching for an out-of-the-way term.
The writer wonders what the coachman or the hunter values in riding, in horses, and dogs.
The relationship of a writer to a party or movement is, of course, open to discussion.
It's a fitting meal for the miners and rubber tappers that once settled here, but a heavy one for a writer who eats all day.
Unless all apps become free for use, which the writer hints at.
It could also help determine influence of a writer or blogger, by showing how his or her content is shared.
Also, a decent malware writer already tries to avoid spamming detectable instruction traces.
The nonchalance with which this information is delivered by the writer is actually more chilling than the information itself.
The writer explicitly says that such programming errors might occur with any software.
Writer believes he is able to run every day because it suits him.
We can imagine that the writer has made and shaped his own fate.
The writer describes how cashmere, once a luxury item, has become a fashionable and affordable item for practically everyone.
Writer describes the feelings that arise during surgery.
Writer tells about growing up sharing a room with her grandfather.
Three of the writer's four daughters were born in the dead of winter.
For the writer, winter is a backdrop to perilous stories of birth and the radiant exhaustion of new motherhood.
Writer describes her own reaction after trying on the earrings.
Also see one writer's account of the dozens of plastic objects she encounters every day-all before lunch.
It's an intimidating collection of people if you're a comedy writer.
That's three cents per word, about one-tenth of what a writer would get from a frugal magazine or newspaper.
Several people the writer interviewed have been killed.
He's a human writer, and should become part of your reader's lexicon.
We also look for signs that a writer doesn't really know the applicant.
One writer's tumultuous relationship with the pop-culture network.
They were not part of the story that the writer wished to tell.
To be a writer, you need-to start with-a certain kind of sensibility.
Because he was right, he has been punished as a writer of fiction.
They also decide if what a writer has written is good.
When a writer begins to write, he or she gathers information.
Each year the park will choose either a poet or a prose writer for the residency.

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