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Example sentences for windfall

Hitting a jackpot might fulfill a lifetime dream, but financial planners warn of the pitfalls that often accompany a windfall.
The windfall may well change the country's politics.
Still unable to fly, their emergence provides a windfall for predators.
But things changed when the war ended and windfall profits stopped.
Clifford has made millions of dollars from government programs but doesn't seem to see the windfall that way.
We decided to use a portion of this windfall to offset the airline emissions.
Some of the money to pay for these schemes will come from a windfall tax on mining profits.
What a windfall for humanity if that lesson can be broadly delivered at the grade-school level.
The talk may be about a windfall tax on oil companies, but the action will be on boosting subsidies for alternative fuels.
It could also be a windfall for some people, businesses, and nations.
In fact, these investors have benefited from a remarkable windfall.
Don't expect to see a windfall for, oh, green space.
Not only did the peg hold, but the government made windfall profits when share prices recovered.
His testimony is only part of the windfall of evidence.
It's not much but the aim should be financial rebound and not tax windfall.
In theory, he should be able to enjoy some of that windfall in the present, by borrowing against his future gains.
Shareholders are benefiting from this windfall as much as employees are.
The guaranty produces an amount similar to the windfall benefit.

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It's easy to forget what intelligence consists of: luck and speculation. Here and there a windfall, here an... more
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