wild boar in a sentence

Example sentences for wild boar

We can't even get rid of the wild boar populations riddling our country.
The wild boar forgot his rage, the stag his swiftness, the bears no longer attacked the herds.
He will become a wild boar or a fierce tiger, a scaly dragon or lion with yellow mane.
The strength of the wild boar serves him not, nor his swiftness the stag.
These days, hunters bring in mostly deer and wild boar, the animals stored in a cavernous freezer downstairs.
The park is home to many species of bird, wild boar, genet and dormice.
Share a selection of small plates or feast on a seafood stew, braised wild boar or filet mignon.
The tapas-filled menu offers such fare as wild boar short ribs, roasted cauliflower and various bruschetta.
For the more adventurous, it even offers wild boar on the menu.
Look for swordfish carpaccio, chestnut flour tagliatelle with sausage and wild fennel and stuffed wild boar.
All this beauty is set in a dense forest accessed via footpaths and populated by bears and wild boar.
Moreover, it has to be kept in mind that the wild boar's way of life does not facilitate contact with soft ticks.
The other cases of trichinosis caused by pork included wild boar or pork purchased directly from a farm.
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