wellbeing in a sentence

Example sentences for wellbeing

We will miss her constant concern for our welfare and wellbeing.
No, quitting an academic job because it is causing depression and is detrimental to overall wellbeing.
There is an obvious resolution of this dilemma: to regard economic wellbeing as depending on both inequality and poverty.
Earlier studies suggested psychological wellbeing was consistent throughout life.
Always interested and concerned about the wellbeing of others, she will be sorely missed.
Minimum wage does not improve the wellbeing of the poor at all for a number of reasons.
Properly engineered aquaculture is a blessing for the wellbeing of people and the environment.
However, the entire economic wellbeing of an individual does not solely rest on income tax policy.
They are run to maximise fun, not growth or overall wellbeing.
But those recommendations were set based on the vitamin's contribution to bone health, not immunity and overall wellbeing.
Your wise counsel, genuine interest, and care for our wellbeing will never be forgotten.
It purports to improve energy, speed weight loss and boost general wellbeing.
If one really cares about the wellbeing of others, then one will seek to preserve this cultural endowment.
Religion can combat bad behaviour as well as promote wellbeing.
The loudest sucking sound has been in the market for initial public offerings, a crucial barometer of financial wellbeing.
Further, as the prostate is a gland, removing it can have significant impacts on health and wellbeing.
Perhaps, material wellbeing is thought to be a panacea to all other social illnesses.
It's always awful to hear when people let down the animals that reply on them for their wellbeing.
It is a statement about human wellbeing and means nothing for the animals.
Stress as a social construct, with no consequences or connection to psychological or emotional welfare, or to physical wellbeing.
These physical and psychic effects may contribute to health and wellbeing.
It isn't as pretty, but there is more activity and the focus of the caregivers really is her wellbeing.
The blatant disregard for the law and wellbeing of pedestrians even extends the city's green spaces.
And research has shown that when patients are more comfortable with their doctors, it can improve mental and physical wellbeing.
But an ever-increasing proportion goes towards luxuries that do little to enhance our wellbeing.
The timing of tax cuts and spending increases also affects the wellbeing of today's generation versus future generations.
The effects of bullying on the personal wellbeing and educational progress of secondary aged students.
The central screen exudes a light that stimulates the occupants' energy and further enhances the impression of wellbeing.
Then everyone will be set for the choice either to care for one's neighbour, or to be concerned for one's own wellbeing only.
It contains examples of the crucial link between poverty alleviation, human wellbeing and ecosystem conservation.
The debate is clearly defined by differing concepts of wellbeing.
The malevolent village spirit resided here and our wellbeing depended on making offerings to it.
Healthcare, and overall wellbeing will surely have a follow-on effect on population stabilization.
All this because you are worried, due to your own belief in an afterlife, for their wellbeing.
Human happiness and wellbeing jumped to all time highs.
There's already a good effort underway to decouple growth and wellbeing.
Measuring policy success as an increase in wellbeing.
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