well being in a sentence

Example sentences for well being

They foster a community in which openness and tolerance are called treachery and threats to the nation's well being.
Much has been written on the effects of urbanization on mental health and psychological well being.
It is important to your own well being that you obey the laws.
Couples can often experience a drop in marital happiness that affects one's overall well being.
It is a natural evolution of abstract thought, necessary for the psychological well being of the human species.
If you give everyone the opportunity, and only a few take it, only a few will benefit from the resulting well being.
Being proud of your life, your thoughts, your actions is important for your own well being.
Clearly at a certain level of well being fertility rates go down below replacement.
Unemployment affects individuals' sense of well being, producing higher rates of depression and lower levels of life satisfaction.
They can monitor a senior's well being, health and/or activity while at home, then send the information out electronically.
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