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His welfare is of my concern.
She became active in campaigning against land mines and in favor of animal welfare.
Organic farming is not just about pesticides and animal welfare.
There is going to be a fresh, new perspective on welfare in the new Congress.
Each society has to decide for itself the appropriate balance between unconditional welfare and self-reliance.
The spiritual leader discusses the surest path to true happiness: concern for the welfare of others, or compassion.
Wherever there is affluence, and a welfare state, people use their resources to get places of their own.
It was about chimp welfare and the chimps were all locked up in a cage.
Per capita income was declining rapidly, and boomers were straining the finances of a largely welfare-driven state.
His troops came to understand his fatherly concern for their welfare, and when they met the enemy they had faith in his orders.
Let us have but one end in view, the welfare of humanity.
In the government of his kingdom, his thoughts were altogether turned upon the means of best promoting the welfare of his people.
His ultimate political ideal included nothing short of the welfare and the commercial federation of the world.
We asked of each other's welfare, bemoaning our doleful condition and the change that had come upon us.
The subject is the execution of those great powers on which the welfare of a nation essentially depends.
He is sure that his welfare is dear to the heart of being.
Humanity's survival and welfare is a good preferable to the increase of technological ability.
At the time it looks brutal: busting unions, selling off state-owned industries, and dismantling the welfare state.
Sound practices would include seriously investing in the general welfare and protection of local communities.
But the financial backers also watched out for their employees' spiritual welfare.
Darkness is as essential to our biological welfare, to our internal clockwork, as light itself.
For several decades natural gas production has subsidized a welfare system.
However, not all programs are focused on social welfare.
All of our employees are expected to be advocates for animal welfare.
The long-term unemployed have been taken care of by two branches of the welfare state.
Three-quarters of the adjustment will come from spending cuts, including cuts in welfare.
The more he could find in welfare, the less the squeeze would be for the public services.
The mania has been triggered by tricky negotiations on welfare reform.
Most government workers are performing some task that they are getting paid for while people on welfare are not working at all.
It would allow welfare payments to be paid into individuals' bank accounts, hindering theft by state workers.
Swedes are less enamoured of the welfare state than they were.
That's because economic growth and human welfare must trump environmental stasis and ecosystem welfare.
These same results may not be obtained in studies of military officers, welfare recipients or nightclub devotees, for example.
It would be among the smartest investments that the rich countries can make today for their own future welfare.
There seems to be an explosion of concern over animal welfare these days.
These are important contributors to human welfare, the value of which is becoming more recognized.
They also spoke with animal welfare workers and gang outreach pros.
Once one does so, it is possible to further revise the process is maximize the welfare of the people.
At times such grants steered science seem to amount to welfare with dignity.
It would show the focus of discussions was on spin control, putting the university's image ahead of the welfare of the students.
Athlete-welfare matters and administrative duties rounded out the demands.
The gist of his concern is that spouses will care more about one another than about the department's welfare.
Their agenda that does not include your welfare or a desire to help you improve your teaching.
The implications of this for the welfare of society are staggering, yet students and faculty are largely silent on the matter.
And there is even less research on how to best manipulate the effect for the welfare of patients.
Here, the welfare of the ship and crew is everyone's responsibility.
If welfare reform was meant to cut the rolls, then it definitely worked.
When she talked about welfare reform, she had instant credibility, because she had once spent eighteen months on welfare.
It is an instrument for promoting social welfare, and as the conditions essential to that welfare change, so must it change.
Soon both political parties would be advancing plans to reform the welfare system.
It will ask what responsibilities the nation has to itself and to the welfare of its citizens.
Ready or not, it's time to take stock of welfare reform.

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