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Volunteer as a tutor or offer your time to help with some student activities.
Every mining-camp, every successful volunteer regiment, proves it.
For the therapies, doctors typically obtain cord blood from the placentas of volunteer donors after they give birth.
Ask students why they think each of these volunteer activities is helpful.
We were asked if any wanted to volunteer to work the venues and the dorms where the athletes would be staying.
Directly below the sidewalk, a volunteer scratches up dirt in a niche formed largely by the bones of dead mammoths.
As a daily community service, local mediums volunteer to give short group readings.
Everyone on the project was a volunteer, and only two of the players had any acting experience.
Any added experience you can demonstrate to employers, even if it's volunteer work, can improve your prospects on the job market.
No one expects you to volunteer unflattering news, unprompted.
Volunteer to serve on committees, sponsor student organizations, grade departmental exams-whatever.
More than likely, you have done some sort of volunteer work.
Serve on the faculty senate or volunteer for committee work.
If bright people don't volunteer to rate grant applications, dummies will do so.
As a new hire you were brought in to contribute, so don't hesitate to volunteer or make suggestions.
Volunteer, or ask to do an internship, in an administrative office.
He has four thousand employees, three thousand volunteer posse members, and an overworked media-relations staff of five.
Doctors in white coats stand on top, as a volunteer cease-fire line.
It may help some of the grantees get more private funding or volunteer support.
Most inmates would volunteer for a drug that reduced their impulsivity.
Behind the chair there were two video cameras adjusted so that they were at the level of the volunteer's eyes.
The researchers conducted the study by giving each volunteer a beeper that went off every two hours or so.
The writer wants to learn why, but does not tell his story, hoping that the taciturn ex-leader will volunteer an explanation.
Volunteer testers are invited to submit feedback via the web.
When the ambulance arrives, the volunteer goes back to his day job.
The opposite held true when the compartment was close to the volunteer's foot.
All this costs money, which legislators volunteer on behalf of taxpayers.
Nor is the airline industry about to volunteer to pay for the pollution it causes.
She notes that many of the early results are intangible: for example, a new optimism bubbling up in churches and volunteer groups.
The labels were obscured by socks pulled up to the rim of each can, so to cheat a volunteer had only to lower the sock.
Governments place the onus on their citizens to volunteer organs.
It does not have the resources needed to support its volunteer authors.
Each volunteer collects a list of sites under a given topic and keeps it up to date.
Even months later, some volunteer rescuers suffered from persistent coughs.
Everyone there, from the teachers to the volunteer monitors, seemed nearly feverish in their involvement.
The position of the yellow ball on the screen is represented in electrical activity on the volunteer's tongue.
Later in the day and through the night, there was little change among all volunteer groups.
How about you pay a volunteer tax or buy your own solar panels and do your part.
While there is no shortage of brave astronauts who are willing to volunteer, the risks are high.
First, a volunteer looks at a couple of thousand images while lying in a magnet.
Participants could also volunteer woes that did not fit into the questionnaire.
Each volunteer twice took an afternoon nap in a dark room on a custom-made bed that could rock.
Those that liked candy more than crackers were more likely to volunteer around campus or for additional studies.
If you are concerned about trees, go plant some volunteer locally to plant trees in vacant lots or wood lots.
One of the best ways of preventing teenage pregnancies, for example, is to get teens to do volunteer work in their communities.
After the candidates would shake hands with some onlooker, a volunteer would hand him a flyer and say a few quick words.
The humpback calf was stranded on the beach for hours before volunteer rescuers were able to drag it back to the sea.
On a stroll one encounters the occasional volunteer group, its members bent and wrinkled, dutifully sweeping leaves.
The price in blood has been paid by members of the volunteer military.
Her fans did not believe she needed their money or volunteer participation.
For his work on a volunteer rescue squad, he was named a citizen of the year.
Instead of the usual beach vacation, spend a week or two learning about and helping wildlife on a wildlife volunteer vacation.
Volunteer vacations ask travelers to work as office help, clean beaches, conduct experiments or work with the public.
For anyone looking for a meaningful vacation, a volunteer vacation on a working farm may be the right one for you.
Volunteer vacations afford individuals the opportunity to experience life as others know it.
If you want to better the world as you travel, take a volunteer vacation.
Traveling to a different country to volunteer exposes the entire family to a different culture for a one-of-a-kind experience.
Many rely on dedicated citizens willing to give up their vacation time to volunteer for the cause.
These, a museum volunteer says, are five-year-old saguaro cacti.
The researchers then trained a laser at the right foot of each volunteer and fired tiny pulses.
Then he and a veterinary volunteer measure everything measurable.
One volunteer had been an artist before a stroke damaged part of her brain's right hemisphere.
In a typical experiment, a volunteer is being stroked while wearing a virtual reality headset.
Church also persuaded nine other people to volunteer to have their genomes sequenced and laid out online for all to see.
The volunteer was instructed to use the tally-counter every time they perceived the presence of something on their arm.
What about volunteer cleanup before this gets any worse and something other than plastic or even less plastic in our lives.
The experimenters always stuck to the same script, but they knew whether each volunteer had been primed or not.
There are plenty of morons who would volunteer for it.
Volunteer drivers are interviewed and undergo a background check.
Then he places the metal headgear on a nervous volunteer.
Generally, no special skills are required to be a volunteer.

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