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His paintings are a bright profusion of energy and vitality, many of them laced with humor and irony.
Their red barns, silver silos and white fences have brought vitality into local agriculture.
The bustling crowds and clicking cameras can detract from the serenity, but they also fill the complex with vitality and color.
The risk then is that the scrappiness of the company would go away, the vitality would go away.
The sustained vitality of a complex network requires that the net keep provoking itself out of balance.
Spectacular, magnificent drummers power the dancers' inexhaustible vitality.
Importantly, the vibrant blue contrasts so well with the yellows and the reds, making the whole scene alive with vitality.
Malaria effectively saps the vitality of entire regions.
Our planet depends on the vitality of the ocean to support and sustain it.
It's an approach that may succeed in terms of high efficiency but at the expense of vitality.
It adds vitality and variety to the college experience.
Our universities and the vitality of our society would be in big trouble without foreign students.
He had snake oil to sell us, something that would make everything better by restoring our moral vitality.
Of course, small business is where all the new jobs and is the primary source of economic stability and vitality.
Your vitality is all those microorganisms dancing.
Her first volume praised for its freshness and vitality.
These familiar topics became full of a new vitality under his pen.
No one could accuse these performances of lacking vitality.
The reason for the second is that urban vitality has always depended on an adequate concentration of people.
Part of the poetic vitality of the fifties, as you say, was shown in their fostering of ambitious undertakings in translation.
Pessimism vies with vitality for command of the national consciousness.
But if it does not learn the ways of the shopping mall, it will not retain much economic vitality.
That's what gives them more architectural excitement and gives them more economic vitality.
In their unnatural contexts exotic pests seem to possess an unnatural vitality.
After extensive rehabilitation, her youthful vitality returned.
The problem isn't simply inbreeding, but inbreeding without selection for vitality.
Biology have already shown us males reach their vitality peak earlier than females, regardless of nutritional advancement.
It renders the sufferer indifferent to or incapable of experiencing any of the vitality that permeated his or her life.
Both the convergence on data and the sharp disagreements over soluble problems are signs of great vitality.
His daemonic vitality renders them helpless at resistance.
The beauty and vitality of both country and city are in this way destroyed.
Nonetheless many were drawn to the painter not so much because of his fame but because of his extraordinary vitality.
In order for pain and desolation to die, pleasure and vitality must die along with them.
Yet for all the development, there is little sense of urban vitality.
They have more vitality and clarity than the average breather.
It's also a lively forum for new ideas and a commemoration of the vitality of the art community.
But physical diversity has not translated into cultural diversity or intellectual vitality.
He retained an image of tempered vitality that was comforting.
Then the talent, vitality and years of investment in infrastructure will pay off.
Spa resorts provide the peace and solitude to rest and reflect while restoring health, vitality and an outer glow.
He was thirty-six years old and bursting with vitality.
But she looked into my eyes and must have seen something-some slight loss of vitality, a moment's dullness of expression.
In fact, many see seemingly negative effects of the digital era as evidence of spiritual vitality.
Even then the vitality of his great work-his legacy-was behind him.
She was different, and not alone in respect to her talent and vitality.
The peace camp, despite occasional demonstrations and displays of vitality, is depleted.
The car business has a chance to use its strengths to gain back some of its vitality permanently if it can make this transition.
The lack of vitality and even surface plausibility numbs the senses.
They quickly discovered she was full of humor, charm and vitality--qualities that made her an interviewer's dream.
But he gives this character type a vitality it usually lacks.
Let someone whose opinion you respect teach you about your health and vitality.
With future projects on hold, the construction cranes that symbolize the city's vitality gradually will disappear.
Avoid signing contracts between now and then, since vitality is lacking.
Wallowing in feelings of inadequacy only saps your vitality.

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