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The typical safety office will monitor biohazards produced from research on, say, a virulent virus or bacterium.
The influenza virus mutates so quickly that last year's vaccination is usually ineffective against this year's bug.
Rather than going after the virus itself, these compounds would inhibit molecules native to the patient.
The antiviral era is upon us, with an array of virus-fighting drugs on the market and in development.
In fact, almost half of all crew members that worked the plane over the next five days picked up the virus.
The name, which was found among the virus files, was also listed as the author of a poem posted on a well-known hacker site.
The virus is not shed through the lungs, as with chicken pox proper.
My role as photographer was about as welcome in a busy kitchen as a salmonella virus.
In this way, formal and informal polygamy pumps the virus from one generation to the next.
For several hundred years, a type of pox virus known as vaccinia has been saving lives.
The more people who have the virus, the more virus particles there are for that one, fatal mutation to appear in.
The risk is that people who do not follow their treatment correctly then develop drug-resistant strains of the virus.
Most of this money-almost all from foreign donors-will, sensibly enough, go to preventing the virus's spread.
He argued that a protein, not a virus or any other known parasite, was the infectious agent responsible for scrapie.
Leaders halted vaccinations, allowing the virus to spread.
He is fitting mice with the human receptor for the polio virus.
The virus replicates inside, eventually bursting out and flooding the body in the billions.
It's important to remember that this poultry-based virus is not easily transmitted to humans.
The virus contained genes for red pigment in cone cells-cells in the eye that respond to light and color.
Some suspected that it might be transmitted via a virus.
Smallpox could be eradicated because its virus, lacking ability to reside virtually anywhere other than in humans, couldn't hide.
Researchers say thousands of people could be carrying the virus without knowing it.
We would never advise turning off a firewall or any other type of malware or virus protection.
The virus had exactly the effect that the authors would presumably have predicted.
Deadly viruses have always threatened humanity, but a virus can travel only as far as the cells it infects.
It needs to be demonstrated that this virus is a cause and not a bystander.
We may be infected with a virus for which there is no cure.
For the first time, a group of scientists have discovered a virus that targets other viruses.
If one of these sites changes, the virus can probably cope.
Millions of people are carrying a fat-related virus.
Let us presume human-only infection and that the virus, being species specific, results in a cannibalism preference.
The virus would never be eliminated because it hides in the cell, where the immune system can't get to it.
The influenza virus, for example, has only ten genes.
Now a deadly kin of the virus is spreading out of the forest and into villages.
Specialized immune cells called macrophages lock up the flu virus and help fight infections.
She said he had a bad virus and that his fevers and headaches would go away over the next few days.
Belcher is working to improve the batteries' storage capacity further by experimenting with different virus-coat materials.
Walking around the pens, you got the sense that if you touched anything you might contract a terminal virus yourself.
Both the virus and the cells then grow and multiply quickly in bioreactors.
These new antibodies target part of the virus that is shared between different strains and thus appears to be broadly effective.
Most people now know the drill when it comes to thwarting a computer virus.
And the process is controversial because of concerns that patients could contract a pig virus or micro-organism.
The virus begins in a bat, before spreading to domesticated pigs in an industrial pork farm built on recently cleared forestland.

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