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Failing to take attendance, for instance, is not only a violation of policy but also a felony breach of security.
Of course, it has always been a violation of the city's health code to allow a dog anywhere near a beer tap.
In the days since, a media firestorm has ensued over a perceived violation of civil liberties by transit system officials.
Anyone convicted of a violation could be sentenced to a long prison term.
The indictments were for the violation of the election laws.
It was a complete and utter violation of that sanctified calm.
Music is a form whose meaning depends upon its violation.
Anger is the correct response to the violation of one s personal boundaries and integrity.
All medical practice aimed at getting people pregnant is malpractice and a gross violation of professional ethics.
And its violation is easier to prove than liability, which the state's court said the civil trial should have argued.
My own school would consider this type of forgery a clear instance of fabrication and violation of the school's code of conduct.
Those who call execution a human rights violation have no credible foundation for that claim.
But, they do so because they wish to mislead others into thinking that there has been an egregious violation of law or protocol.
Twitter agreed to the punishments, but admitted no violation of law.
What mattered was their inevitable and invariable violation of all those agreements.
Whether or not that ethical violation ended in marriage or not isn't the point.
All was well until she was pulled over for a routine traffic violation.
Communication is therefore instantaneous and there is no violation of the universal speed limit.
Exhibitors would receive one verbal warning when a violation occurs.
No crime is more infamous than the violation of truth.
Some advocates already consider this a violation of their human rights.
In physics, a cause is a violation of a conservation principle.
Motion, accelerated or inertial, is an effect that is caused by some sort of violation.
Unfortunately, that would be a violation of her civil rights.
According to court precedents, a violation of the seal might also cause the case in question to collapse.
Both are suspended for a violation of an undisclosed team rule.
The rule also bars lenders from charging a fee that exceeds the amount of the violation.
They sometimes lose fingers and limbs in hazardous machinery, and then are fired as a result, another violation of labor law.
One alleged violation involved changing the way it accounted for hedges.
It is plain violation of principles of free markets, and it should be counteracted whenever possible.
Building to both cities is a clear violation of my first point.
It records the violation and snaps a photo of the license plate, often without the driver's knowledge.
The violation may predate his or her ownership or control of the property.
Each notice of violation will have a due date, a hearing must be scheduled or payment received by that due date.
Learn more about what to do in case of an environmental spill or violation.
Instructions for new violation codes to be used with new inspection reports.
King himself testified that he had initially resisted because he was afraid the arrest would result in a probation violation.
Other writers consider it a violation of their copyrights, and more, of their emotional claim to their own creations.
The major warned that he would be reporting my driver's serious violation back to military headquarters.
And now in the digital age of publishing, the camera is perceived by some as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat.
Where nature is sacred, the violation and exploitation of nature are sacrilege.
It cannot be placed in a utilitarian context, because its violation of human dignity is so grave it is an absolute evil.
Let us take an oath upon the codes, invest our personal honor in them, and suffer punishment for their violation.
They had married in violation of all they had been raised to believe.

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