vignette in a sentence

Example sentences for vignette

Thank you for a marvelous vignette on the importance of art and the written word to the continued understanding of culture.
The following vignette gives one a sense of missed opportunity.
Finally, you can add a vignette effect, color correct your photos and add different kinds of borders.
The only implausible note in this vignette is the cordiality with which it ends.
In the final vignette, a saboteur plants a bomb in a factory and must escape before it goes off.
In another vignette, the cameraman hides inside a tree trunk and whenever a dog comes up to mark his territory, the tree moves.
Later in the film, another vignette drives this home dramatically.
One vignette involved uncontrollable pain at the end of life, while the other involved irreversible coma.
The gender of the subject described in the vignette was randomly varied.
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