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The vet had warned us that peritonitis is a condition that often recurs.
The third had the look of a countryman-a vet, perhaps, or a small farmer.
With an idea in hand, the first step is to submit a paper to a journal that in turn will vet it by a process known as peer review.
The vet and a biologist stay behind to watch over him until he wakes completely and stumbles off.
The next installment in the quiet exploits of the best fictional vet around.
These groups helped me uncover experimental treatments, which our vet was willing to try.
Workshops or citizen advisory committees and juries can be held to vet the issues involved.
Too bad there is not some way the author could have had you all vet the article keep it up.
The reality of some kind of other world was brought home to me about two years ago when my dog died at the vet.
Science magazine had failed to vet the research properly.
If all goes well, every university lecturer in the country will soon be able to vet his students' submissions with it.
The loan originator has little incentive to vet borrowers carefully because it knows the risk will soon be off its books.
He either didn't vet his nominees for prime minister or has willed the current war with parliament.
There has to be an autonomous national commission to vet transfers of officials.
Some of its suggestions would be silly, and it would be up to humans to vet its suggestions.
Increasingly, local governments are shifting the onus to the insured to vet the carrier.
The editor of the journal recruits several experts, who remain anonymous to the researcher, to vet the manuscript.
The intelligence agencies did vet these defectors as well as they possibly could.
Even people with little reason to fear liability turn to lawyers to vet their public statements.
But she purred for me, she patted me with her paws, keeping her claws in their vel- vet scabbards.
Generally, you also don't need to take your chickens to a vet.
So it is left to them to vet or veto candidates on whatever grounds they choose.
Actually, his teeth are kind of plaque-y, which is why the vet recommended giving him a rawhide bone in the first place.
Now students can vet their work against the same database that professors use.
Sheep also need to be shorn, as well as the regular vet checks needed for all animals.
The candidate has clearly never had anyone vet his or her job talk.
When she understood that it was his last day and her mom was taking him to the vet, she began drawing him pictures.
The other problem is vehement anti-vet sentiments at many colleges across the country.
The stakes for each new hire are high, so search committees have an obligation to vet candidates thoroughly.
Who says a student stops and finds the newest information someone has to vet this information and a scanner cannot do it.
But editors don't think it's their business to vet their experts.
In fact, a vet from a local zoo shot one of the tigers with a tranquilizer dart.
The vet informed me he had a ruptured ear drum, and possible nerve damage in his shoulder with the likely hood of amputation.
Everything seemed fine until he lunged at both the vet and her roommate.
Vet has checked him out and no apparent health problem.
He said he met an old guy who own a company and he used to be the vet for the monkeys that went up into space.
We took him to the vet and left him there for a week while he was getting better.
If a giraffe is an animal designed by committee, a bulldog must have been put together by a vet facing large house payments.
My sister-in-law is a vet, so she knows all about the importance of vaccinations.
My parents had a dog once who suffered a prolonged illness, lasting much longer than the vet predicted it would.
The vet thought that the animal had some sort of central-nervous-system disorder.
The donation covers not only vet bills but also the salary of the beast's mahout, or elephant handler.
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