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Simultaneously, our upright posture put the trachea and esophagus in a near-vertical orientation.
In spatial terms, it stood at the apex of a vertical axis.
The debate on vertical versus horizontal integration is somewhat ideological.
Tornadoes are vertical funnels of rapidly spinning air.
The spacing of the vertical posts also decreases from the center outward.
Vertical grooves indicate where a platform once rose.
The wiggle trace measures the vertical movement the seismometer experiences from the seismic waves.
These diffuse the light over vertical sheets of polyester that form the platform on which the algae grow.
Another consideration is creating a vertical farm design that would be economically viable.
The vehicle was then erected into the vertical position and suspended over the pad with the use of four support arms.
Laborers pushed vertical winches to propel elevators that carried animal cages up to the arena.
But plants for this vertical landscape must be chosen with care.
We are finishing plans for a vertical access wind turbine on campus.
Vertical integration is one of the entertainment industry's obsessions.
Place the barrel between the two vertical supports of the frame.
To do the experiment, you don't need to know which orientation of your polarizer is horizontal and which vertical.
Add to this the almost vertical body, with tail extended in line, and glorious blue legs and feet.
Consisting of a anchor atop two horizontal ships wheels, all connected by vertical poles.
On the vertical axis, list the tasks that need to be performed.
Theoretical models that incorporate vertical specialisation find that it takes off only when tariffs fall below a threshold level.
As warm air close to the ground rises, plumes of cooler air fall to replace it, creating vertical circulation.
Since both vertical and horizontal pieces run around the perimeter of the lattice, the frame can be simply attached.
There are some things it would be easier to grade with a vertical split.
One way to eliminate fee for service is vertical integration.
We descend at the back of the crack, looking out at a vertical seam of blue sky.
Not since the age of dinosaurs has the world known a roach with a vertical leap.
As the slider slides, the acceleration in the vertical direction is zero.
Vertical integration ensures supply and quality, but leads companies into non-core areas better done by others.
First, it shows that the horizontal and vertical motion in projectile motion are independent.
For engineering reasons turbines must be mounted on vertical poles, regardless of the slope of the landscape.
On plants trained to stakes, keep one vertical leader.
Or rather, it's a rather good animation of the plane's vertical take-off and landing skills.
All lines were straightened, so that the map consists entirely of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.
Slip the dowel through the vertical and into the hole in the box-frame side, then mark and cut the dowel to be flush.
But where vertical social housing replaced slums, poverty has been fossilised.
Mark these and connect them with a single vertical line.
Most important is that it have a strong vertical line.
The clean, moist air then continues its journey until it encounters a series of vertical condensing pipes.
It's an explorer's dream, where each vertical move into a cave opening is a step into the unknown.
As usual with the onset of summer, the high country was in vertical flood.
It appears that geckos take this approach when climbing a vertical surface.
He slowly scans the impossibly vertical slope opposite the river.
It's a vertical growing technique that yields more food, in less space, with less water.
For strength, reinforce the corners of the box with vertical posts.
When the magnet swings from vertical to horizontal, indicating a response, mark the spot with a pencil.
For added drama, vertical indentations were painted hunter green and purple.
Here is a linear fit of the vertical position data of the watermelon right before it hits.
Carl planted in vertical layers around the perimeter, relying on leaf color and texture rather than on flowers for interest.
The vertical acceleration during the free fall is constant-ish.
If you're splitting spreads into one-page vertical columns, you might have as many as four.
Not only is it able to climb a vertical wall, it can even manage one with an overhang.
Here is a plot of the vertical position of the bullet as a function of time, shot straight up.
Here is a plot of the vertical motion of the first jumper.
We are two small vertical smudges on a white horizontal moonscape.
To develop a more prostrate form, cut vertical stems back to the plant's main stem.
Climbing roses grow on vertical surfaces or freestanding supports.
Transmission electron micrograph of a vertical section of the beetle's shell.
After finding food, scout bees returning to the hive dance on the vertical walls of the honeycomb.
The game was groundbreaking despite its aesthetic simplicity: two paddles, a square ball and a vertical line.
The bumpers are connected through a long vertical structure that travels the length of the car through the interior.
The acoustics showed a series of thin, vertical lines in the water.
Income groups from left to right, and change in tax burden shown on the vertical scale.
Most office electronics use the universal power symbol: a vertical line inside a circle.
It has four legs, and tiny claws made from surgical needles that can dig into a vertical surface.
The liquid is spun to create a vortex inside the sphere that forms a vertical cavity in the middle.
Its only sources of heat are a small radiator and two vertical steam pipes, one in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom.
His hand traced the swooping vertical and horizontal strokes, comparing one character to another.
Some fire when they encounter a horizontal line while others are dedicated to vertical lines.
Vertical axis shows the ratio of that month's nonfarm payrolls to the nonfarm payrolls at the start of recession.
The vertical stamp is the standard commemorative size.
It is well displayed by making a vertical section across the organ.
The cavity is wider above than below, and measures more in the vertical than in the transverse diameter.
It is almost circular in outline, occasionally a little broader in the transverse than in the vertical direction.
Sans-serif types, in contrast, present a thicket of vertical strokes that slow down the eye's horizontal movement.
With remarkable ease, they can scamper across ceilings and up smooth vertical surfaces, and they do so at speed.
In conventional vehicles, shocks convert the vertical motion caused by running over a bumpy road into heat.
In the center of the tank there is a flat, vertical wall.
It might also be that the tracking movement was vertical within the image, but it still looks sharper than the others.
But sucker-footed bats are among the few mammal species that can really stick to vertical surfaces.
Well, there are also people who are uneasy about vertical gene transfer as well.
The thing that stopped his bodily movement was the vertical structure of that split rail fence impacting his armpit.
The vertical helical structure, which gives the device its name, provides a stability that previous designs lacked.
The first is that caused directly by the spoon: the rotation of the tea around a vertical axis at the centre of the cup.
With much horizontal integration having already taken place, this will tend to be of the vertical variety.
To complicate things, it also had to work in the vertical position, which is how letters travel in automated sorters.
Another explanation for the growth in multinationalism is vertical integration.
The vertical lines in the picture of the tower are all getting further away and therefore they all converge to a point.
The wheels-one for the horizontal and another for the vertical-sat at right angles.
When the mouse was moved, the vertical wheel rolled along the surface while the horizontal wheel slid sideways.
One is vertical and requires a hierarchy, a fight for the top, but weak in its resistance and climb.
Coarse and fine image adjustments in both vertical and horizontal directions.
Hail is formed in storms when raindrops are carried into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere by powerful vertical winds.
Underparts are marked by vertical streaks crossed by widely spaced dark bars that are nearly as wide as the streaks.
The skull and spine were realigned, bringing the head and torso into a vertical line over the hips and feet.
These two towering mountains provide excellent skiing with a huge vertical drop.
Here is a plot showing the vertical position of the first part of the motion.
Two vertical screens function as kiosks, baiting you with ads and promotions.
The speckles were densest along vertical axes, where one would expect the avenues to be.
The compact, vertical steam engine is fed coal automatically through hoppers eliminating the need to constantly stoke the fire.
Vertical scrolling is rather clunky and jittery throughout all of the apps.
It's carved of wood, and the exterior has a vertical grain that simulates yellowed or lightly gilded pages.
The pen asks him to draw a series of nine vertical lines.
The sedimentary rocks are sculpted into vertical towers, or hoodoos, as material is washed away.
He was always a more effective vertical threat in college when his weight was down.
Vertical hillside house blends indoor, outdoor living.
Will not hesitate to go vertical to make the catch.
They affirm that the buzzing, blooming confusion of the universe can be reduced to a tidy vertical column.
Designers chose long vertical windows for the rooms because they let in more sunlight.
First they erected a vertical formwork of spruce branches and trunks.

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