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But you should verify and validate the end products of their promises.
Field trials to verify the results of earlier lab and greenhouse studies have shown good results.
In both cases the researchers were able to verify mutation rates and relatedness measures.
Measure for equal diagonal dimensions to verify that the structure will be square.
He was under no professional sense of duty to look up and verify his references, and he regularly omitted to do it.
The key is to verify book ownership and to let the reader unlock other versions.
So being able to verify the accuracy and provenance of material is vital, he says.
On the one hand, there is the universe of news stories that you can hear and see, and information that you verify for yourself.
Any independent research firm worthy of the name should verify information coming from a hedge fund.
In any case, there are few ways to verify the claims of those who registered.
Please ask your academic advisor to verify that this internship would qualify for credit hours.
But scientists have never been able to verify the theory from such small pieces of bone.
Then have them verify the word's meaning by looking up the definition in a dictionary.
Please ask your academic adviser to verify that this internship would qualify for credit hours.
Discuss the types of scientific research that could be done to verify this argument.
The data they record will help verify our theories about how discharges of electrons from the magnetosphere cause natural auroras.
Before that happened, however, the space telescope did help scientists test and verify many existing astronomical theories.
Two tests are needed to verify the four-element circuit.
More observations will be required to fully verify the new results.
The team subsequently conducted a series of experiments to verify the observation.
The science team aim to verify this preliminary conclusion.
How about sensors on both side of subduction zones to measure the distance between them to verify a locked zone.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify that genetically modified crops perform as advertised.
Anecdotes are a good place to begin an investigation-which by themselves cannot verify a new species.
The cool thing about facts is that you can verify them.
Ask your employer to verify your release from employment.
The output from that command should list all the files on your desktop, which you can verify by checking what is on your desktop.
Loan companies formed the private, nonprofit company to help them verify the enrollment status of applicants.
Note that even if you elect to use the debit card, you may still be required to submit receipts to verify your purchases.
The regulatory mechanisms are in place to verify success data.
They appear to make little or no effort to verify the validity of claims before starting a series of letters and phone calls.
The request for quantifiable data is reasonable: it helps to objectively verify or refute the opinion you quoted.
Before your next flight, measure the dimensions of your luggage and verify that it meets the guidelines set forth by your carrier.
However, for any kosher restaurant, patrons should verify that the kosher status is current and meets their standards.
Airlines may require a birth certificate to verify age.
Others audit financial statements to verify the statements have been correctly prepared and reported.
It is impossible to verify, and parts of it seem implausible or even fabricated.
But the claim has been nearly impossible to verify, so who knows.
The further behavior of our subject may verify one or other of our guesses.
It could provide a framework for a more robust system to monitor and verify compliance with stated national goals.
It is going to have to verify that their accounts are current.
We are hoping our current studies will verify that robots improve the life experience of older people and their care staff.
And when he goes after us, and asks people to verify their loyalty to certain principles, that's a different thing.
To verify this hypothesis, he and his colleagues carried out a series of experiments on mice.
Third, there are relatively clear and distinct theoretical models which can be tested by the data, whether to verify or refute.
Once for the initial dim, once to verify the period of the planet, and once to verify the frequency.
If you worked in the field for a few decades, you could verify this by comparing what you do now with what you did then.
If you question a topic and are going about a systematic method to verify whether they happened, you can be considered a skeptic.
Which you can, natch, experimentally verify for yourself.
People those who think it is fake, you can visit the place even now and verify it.
The light bending was something that was not even previously predicted that was then observed to verify the original theory.
The device could also rapidly verify whether the drugs are working and alert the doctors if the cancer recurs.
It takes years to verify that a new battery technology will last for the life of a hybrid or electric car.
But an implantable device would allow clinicians to verify the dosage at the actual site.
Since not every voter will verify their results, you can't determine that the unverified votes correspond to real voters.
To verify the sensor's accuracy, the team needs to test it on volunteers with varying glucose levels.
The company will then need to verify the utility and cost effectiveness of such a test in a real-world clinical setting.
Crystal's group is planning to perform more tests on larger groups of participants to verify the results.
The facilities department is rigorously tracking results from such projects to verify which ones pay off.
Perhaps it would be a good search-enhancer if there were some other way to verify the integrity of the button-pusher.
Yes, and this data would verify that antimatter is no different than ordinary matter in a gravitational field.
Any user of quantum money can verify that this money is kosher using a quantum algorithm running on a quantum computer.
The organization has no means to verify the facts, but prints the allegations as allegations.
There was no date on the video, nor any way to verify where the footage had been obtained.
In the meantime, you can verify a license by searching our licensee database.
If used to verify information on other workers in your database, verify the information for all workers in the entire database.

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