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Many people who had bought cars illegally are scrambling to validate the trade.
The public looks to the nation's past to validate its core ideals and affirm a record of progress and accomplishment.
Claims that run against the profession's previous findings are subject to more scrutiny than those that validate them.
Buy tickets at any station and validate before boarding.
Too often in experimental psychology the results merely serve to validate a hunch rather than prove a relationship.
The receptionist finds her stamp to validate the visitors' parking tickets.
We will of course see efforts in the opposite direction, only to become the exceptions that validate the rule.
My goal was to connect with people who are suffering, to acknowledge and validate their struggle.
There are many variables to be considered before one can validate this hypothesis.
Some audio forensic examiners go to extraordinary lengths to validate recordings.
They should be used to validate the school's grades.
History has proved us capable of not only understanding the details, but using them to validate or disprove deep theories.
The division's membership should value any study to validate these fundamental principles.
There is far too little statistical evidence to validate these.
The field research will validate or improve this model.
Some journals and press releases also use science to validate their political views.
The media establishment reports on itself to validate its influence.
Ample data going back a decade or more validate the views expressed here.
Models are used to predict lots of things and the usual practice is to validate the model.
As the science becomes more abstract it is difficult to validate.
The city even runs ad campaigns to validate it as a place to live.
Please stop trying to validate her publication record.
The bombs discovered in the holds of two cargo planes earlier this week validate the first of these worries.
When you critique reason with sub-reason it seems to validate reason.
The comments to this article seem to validate the need for this article in the first place.
The problem is that the structure of some programmes serves to validate their narcissism.
But then, even if science did start in somebody's church, that certainly doesn't validate that church in any way.
Don't validate any performance which is less than perfect.
The power to validate requires a measure of credibility and commitment.
Churches are for people who want to be shielded from reality in order to validate their particular world view.
But you should verify and validate the end products of their promises.
It's become a liability for the environmental movement, which has plenty of other reasons to validate itself.
Even if some studies exist by others, you could still do yours to validate them.
If it fails, it will validate critics who think it a scandal the experiment was ever approved.
The therapist's job is not to comfort and validate the patient's excesses and consumption.
Their first design was simply a kite, used to validate the overall design.
If all such groups do for you is give you a safe space to talk and to validate your feelings, that's a lot.
No one's forcing you to use this pill, so quit trying to validate your choice by scaring others into following suit.
But he sees his route as one that allows him to validate not only his own life but also that of his father.
The paradox of course is that paying someone to validate you socially does not actually confer any such validation.
They validate, verify and provide contextual understanding of the art and artifacts that are the domain of curators.
She was able to tease out and sometimes satirize the way social groups make judgments and validate or exclude certain people.
Theologians and philosophers have almost always focused on transcendentalism as the means to validate ethics.
Journalists took naturally to the concept and message, which resembled and seemed to validate what journalists themselves do.
If anything, they validate the pattern, as exceptions that prove the rule.
Although these findings are intriguing, further research is needed to validate the effects in humans.
All that marketing-speak has done little for sustainability except validate old behaviors.
The survey seems to validate prejudices as it seeks to quantify them.
If a reader is familiar with that environment please validate these hypotheses.
The article gives a bitter bias aftertaste in that does not validate its arguments with facts.
Slippery-slope arguments don't invalidate that, or validate themselves, for that matter.
In addition, the freeing of funds should not validate a reallocation of these funds.
Some countries require you to enter the country within a specified number of days after receiving the visa to validate it.
Keep in mind that you must validate your ticket before boarding.
Purchase a ticket before the trip and validate it on the bus.
Next you will want to validate how many points you have available to transfer.
Theories need to be tested, ideas which prove false are rejected and ideas that are supported get more testing to validate.
He was always there to validate choices or suggest other solutions.
Figuring out what works requires experiments to validate, or disprove, theory.
Any discoveries in nuclear chemistry can validate or refute multiple metaphysical theories.
They validate with one or two entries, the content seems clear, then they use those references for everything.
Study long term, use orbiters and landers, validate your results.
Think of how many religions attempt to validate themselves with prophecy.
Such ideas need to be put through a real trial by fire to validate them.
There is the extra benefit in science that an argument, no matter how logically sound, fails if experiment cannot validate it.
There have already been major studies done that validate chiropractic care but you seem to ignore them for some reason.
Was the scientific method used to validate that statement.
Then go out and try to independently validate your calculation by looking at the data.
The team will soon begin home tests of the shirts to further validate its use outside of the lab.
It can only validate things in its own confines, and with its own tools.
The sensors measure the electrical activity in the brain, which is used to validate findings of the neural imaging.
Most would take the defensive route, rather than looking to validate the attacker's feelings.
In short, there's no evidence to validate your hypothesis that a school voucher system would produce undesirable results.
It will take some additional studies to confirm and validate the results.

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